Watch the Morphing of a Classic in Less Than Twenty Minutes

Watch the Morphing of a Classic in Less Than Twenty Minutes

Antoni Gaudí may have never imagined the role technology would play in the completion of his design of La Sagrada Família– an historic and famous iconic church in Barcelona, Spain. Nevertheless, it has been remodeled in ArchiCAD with the help of the MORPH™ tool. More than a century later the building of the church follows Gaudí’s original idea and applies the industry’s best techniques to make the building work safer, more comfortable and faster. The work of wagons, now carried out by cranes, manual tools give way to precise electronic gadgets and even materials evolved to ensure excellent quality in the building process and the final result. Watch this extended version of the recording which gives you a more in-depth walk-through of the modeling process.

La Sagrada Família, designed by Antoni Gaudí, used decorative elements to represent the liturgy. He also made the actual structure of the church expressions of the symbols of Christianity throughout the building. Gaudí knew he’d never finish the entire project during his lifetime and therefore planned the construction of the church in parts. That way, each generation would have one part to accomplish.

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