ABCs of ArchiCAD (Obscure Version)

ABCs of ArchiCAD (Obscure Version)

ABCs-ArchiCADStealing some inspiration from this great video on the ABCs of Architecture, I decided to do a quick list** of the ABCs of ArchiCAD. But instead of going with the obvious (B is for Beam, D is for Door, and W is for Wall), I searched out some obscure aspects of ArchiCAD. Hopefully a few will spark your interest and make you want to learn more. I know creating this list has given me a lot of great ideas for more in depth blog posts. Oh and I am fully confident you’ve never heard of Yellow Patch before. Though since I started this list, I’ve used it to explain why someone was having an issue with their model. Check it out. Enjoy!

Autogroup — Autogroup is point 17 in my master list of Group Tips. Read them all here.

Building energy Model View — The Energy Model Review only works on visible elements.

Clone Folder — Cloning a folder means that you recreate a Project Map folder inside the View Map.

Design Layers in Profile Manager — Design Layers apply to the Profile Editor window only.

Enable Back Reference — Enable Back Reference allows you to add Layout ID information to the Drawing Title.

Find Linked Markers — Right click on a placed drawing or any item in the Navigator.

Gravity — I always forget about this feature when modeling new elements.

Hide Arrowhead From — Hide your arrowheads beyond a certain scale.

Ignore Zoom when opening this view — I don’t care for this option; but I know those who love it.

Jobs — Getting paid to use ArchiCAD is always a nice feature.

Keep Distance — How do windows react when you curve the wall they are in? This is how.

Look to Perpendicular — You can find this under the VIEW/3D NAVIGATION EXTRAS menu.

Matrix — The least used of the Multiply Elements options. Stop neglecting it.

Nudge — In response to the boss asking “Can that couch scoot just a few feet that way?” “Yes.”

On-Screen View Options — None of these affect what gets printed, but they sure make working easier.

PMK — Layout Book getting unmanageably huge? PMKs might be the answer.

Quick Selection — You know how to temporarily suspend this right? Right?

Roof Wizard — Quickly and easily create roof framing.

Save as CTB — Want your consultants to have matching line weights? Here’s how.

Turn Profile Plane — Don’t let the Morph completely overshadow the Shell Tool. Learn More.

U3D — If you’re on a PC, making 3D PDFs are ridiculously easy.

Viewpoint — Can you name all the viewpoints in the Project Map?

Wallniche — You might know about the Wallhole as ID trick, but what about Wallniche as ID trick?

XYZ Data — Import any text file containing xyz data into ArchiCAD, creating a Mesh element automatically.

Yellow Patch — No hints on this one. Click the link and be enlightened.

Zones Preferences — These options define how zones are calculated in Zone Lists.


**this took much more time than I was expecting, but it was also way more enlightening than I imagined!