DO Try this at Home… the TIE Fighter in ArchiCAD

DO Try this at Home… the TIE Fighter in ArchiCAD

Have you watched the TIE Fighter modeled in ArchiCAD video yet? If you’re like me you’ve probably watched it a few times, with increasing envy. Ready to take the next step?

ArchiCAD TIE FighterStep 1: Download the ArchiCAD .pln drawing-aid :

Step 2: Rewatch the extended cut of the video

Step 3: Pause and rewind ALOT.

Step 4: Try building it yourself.

Step 5: Share your experiences with me and we’ll tell everyone else about it.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this morning fooling around with the 2D backgrounds and watching the video more closely. I’ve built a few pieces of the TIE fighter and it just gives me even more respect for the modeling genius behind this and all the other amazing Morph videos. But I’ll tell you this. As hard as making the TIE fighter seems, once you start dissecting it, the whole process makes a lot of sense. And like I mentioned in my last post, I fear I’ll never get to design spacecraft. But I will need to know how to put reveals in all sorts of elements and understand how to use the Morph tool to create complex geometry from 2D cut sheets. Fifteen minutes with this video and the .pln I linked to above helped me tremendously with both those needs.

ArchiCAD TIE Fighter LessonsWARNING: This will distract you from other work because it’s going to be fun. And probably the hardest thing you’ve done in ArchiCAD. But even if you can model a few pieces of the TIE Fighter you are going to learn so, so much about modeling in ArchiCAD 16. You up for the Challenge? Also if you’re new to the morph, you probably want to watch these three how-to videos first.

BONUS TIP: If you need to put reveals in walls, the Niche object (window tool) is a great solution, as are hidden beams and an understanding of priority numbers and layer intersection groups.