All the Changes in ArchiCAD 17 that we love, but won’t be Advertised

All the Changes in ArchiCAD 17 that we love, but won’t be Advertised

ArchiCAD 17It’s that time of year again. ArchiCAD 17 has been out for a few weeks. Many of us have now had a chance to find the things we love, dislike, and are surprised by. Some of those changes have been marketed via videos, press releases, and at events all across the globe. But others not so much. There are a lot of little tweaks in every version of ArchiCAD that don’t get top billing. Or any billing at all. Yet some of these changes are huge and exciting for us geeky, obsessive users. As much as we love the big splashy changes—Shells, Morphs, and now Building Materials—it’s often the little things that make the big difference in our daily routines. Looking back, was the killer feature of ArchiCAD 9 an improved Quick Selection? Anytime I have to work in ArchiCAD 8.1 (it’s been two years since the last time), I sure think so. Can you imagine not having Quick Selection? The pain of not just doubling clicking on text… seriously not the grandest change, but what a daily blessing.

ArchiCAD 17I’ve been writing posts about these changes for three versions now; the others are over on Shoegnome.

If you haven’t read those posts, you should check out all the Little Changes in ArchiCAD 15 and ArchiCAD 16. I bet you’ll learn a thing or two. Enough introduction… on to all the little unadvertised changes in ArchiCAD 17!

Edit Selected Complex ProfileDid you know about the tweaks to working with Complex Profiles that are in my customized marketing images? Right Click to edit means no more searching through long lists of Complex Profiles. Just select the Complex Profile in any view, right click, and then choose Edit Selected Complex Profile. That’s going to be a time saver. Also note that this works for regular composites as well. So great. Right click to edit is wonderful, but Apply Changes not turning a placed Complex Profile to Custom is a BIM Manager’s dream come true. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to both fix tons of Custom Complex Profiles in someone else’s file, and then explain to them what they were doing wrong. Never again. Hurray! Just one of many changes to ArchiCAD 17 that BIM Managers will love. Which is good because Building Materials, while a great advancement, are also going to take up a lot of time as we get everyone used to the new way. I think. In the end we won’t miss life without Building Materials, but now it means all of us with Custom Templates have a lot of work to do. But don’t worry. You don’t have to go through the Template revamp process allow. I either have one or two projects starting up very soon, or no projects in process or coming. And that means either way it’s time to take my Template to ArchiCAD 17. Stay tuned for plenty of posts documenting the process.

ArchiCAD 17 Profile ManagerWhat are your favorite undocumented or under promoted advances in ArchiCAD 17? Or what have you noticed? Share them in the comments below or on this ArchiCAD-Talk User Forum Thread (which already includes an extended list of other features including Symbol Line Types in all composites).

For a list of the official BIG changes to ArchiCAD 17, here’s a link.

side note: sorry for the dearth of posts the last two months. I was moving with my wife and kids from St. Paul, Minnesota to Newton, Massachusetts. But that’s all done now. We’re settled and happily living on the East Coast (for now). Speaking of which, if you’re in the Northeast, especially in New England, let’s connect and talk all things ArchiCAD.