Some Bonus Material from My Last Post About BIMx

Some Bonus Material from My Last Post About BIMx

On Friday I wrote a post about the BIMx Premium Account. After I published it, there was one thing that bothered me. You can see screenshots on the ArchiCADwiki and other blogs. You’ve been told that it’s easy for your clients to use and download files. You’ve got a good imagination, so you can probably spend some time daydreaming (don’t we all spend our leisure time daydreaming about ArchiCAD?). But I want to be more convincing…

Images and words are nice, but let’s EXPERIENCE the interface!

Okay. Here’s the public file I showed in the previous post: Zombie Attack 2011

And the Private one: Port Chester House

ArchiCAD BIMxFeel free to download both the files and explore them on your Mac, PC, iOS or Android device. Neither model is perfect, but they’re both fun. Flying around the houses, finding all the zombies (only in the public file), trying to figure out how I modeled some of the elements (these are both pre-Morph projects) and seeing some of my work is just a perk. Focus on the experience of accessing those files. Could your typical client use the site? What about your boss? Or your mom? If you want to see how easy it is to organize your own models, you’ll have to set up your own account. Sorry, but I’m not about to give you all unfettered access to my account! On a semi-related note, I also forgot to mention on Friday that if you have already uploaded models to the BIMx community site, they should be automatically linked to your Premium Account once you set that up.

Some additional Context

ArchiCAD BIMxSo what’s the deal with the Zombie themed BIMx file? It was my entry for the BIMx competition back in October of 2011. Read more about it here. I didn’t win, but I had a blast turning a home I was working on in Lakeville, Minnesota into a Zombie Apocalypse. I really hope GRAPHISOFT runs another competition. I’m not even sure I’m eligible to win anymore, but I don’t care. I’ve got a great theme: Alien Invasion. I’m practicing my Morph Tool skills now!

Shhh… If you want to download the Port Chester House, you’ll need to type the magic phrase: