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In early September we got our first Wish Upon an Object from Now just a few weeks later comes the next installment: Ceiling Editor US

BIM Components

Once again we get a wonderfully built object from manuBIM (learn more about their work via all the links here). The object is very versatile and there are numerous options for edges, borders, panel types, and of course accessories.

BIMComponents ArchiCAD

And here’s a SUPER quick example of a room with the new ceiling object. I think you can imagine the possibilities.

ArchiCAD BIM Components

But there’s more. If you go to download this object via the website, you’ll see this comment from manuBIM:

“Drop a comment if you would welcome automatic floor plan boundary recognition and graphical panel editing — if there’s significant demand we are happy to consider them in V2.”

This comment from the makers of the Ceiling Editor US object is what really excites me. We’re getting version 1 (did I mention all this is for free?). It’s just the beginning. Here’s where we all ArchiCAD Ceiling Editorcome in. Leave your comments. Tell the guys at manuBIM what you love about the object and about what you want to see next. The more our community interacts on, leaves comments, gives thumbs up and thumbs down, etc. the better the object portal will get. Personally I’m a fan of this new object, but if you’ve got issues with it, don’t stew and grumble at your computer. Let manuBIM know what you want to see in Version 2. I happen to know the creators (virtually, that is), so I’ve already e-mailed them my thoughts directly. Turns out one of the things I was asking for was already possible. After a very quick and nice response from Ilauszky Endre of manuBIM, I learned how to do this with the object:

What are you waiting for? Download Ceiling Editor US, test it out, and let manuBIM and GRAPHISOFT know what you think!