Graphisoft Managing Director, Steve Benford Responds to CNBC Report, Autodesk Actions

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Immediately after the story entitled “Building Better, Cheaper and Faster” featuring Kit Johnson aired on CNBC, Graphisoft contacted Paul Sullivan, Senior PR Manager for AEC Solutions at Autodesk, and CNBC reporter, Amanda Drury and Drury’s executive producer, Lisa Hughes.  Although both Autodesk and CNBC acknowledged the representation of Kit Johnson’s work in the story is misleading, they maintain the story itself is factually correct.

As of today, CNBC has refused to issue a correction or retract the piece.

Autodesk is happy to let the misrepresentation stand, which is bad enough, but the company even goes a step beyond passive acceptance of a glaring error. Autodesk went so far as to boldly claim the project and the architect as theirs.

They did so on their Facebook page and on their Twitter page.

CNBC’s position is as unfortunate as their reporting is slipshod.  By getting the facts wrong they forfeit objectivity and we suffer a collective loss from their failure – the market needs more and better insight into how building information modeling is reshaping the AEC space and by extension our communities and lives.

Autodesk’s position is craven, despicable, unprincipled and many other syllables inappropriate in this forum.  Their knowing disregard of the facts makes them the nonpareil leader in shamelessness, a laurel they should add to their other claims of market leadership.

From my perspective it comes down to this:  of all the thousands of Revit users in North America, they evidently could find none that are using Autodesk building information models to build buildings better, cheaper and faster. So they highjacked one of ours.

Kit Johnson does great work and we congratulate him for it.  His accomplishments make all of us better and we’re proud and honored to count him as an ArchiCAD user.

We stand up for and stand behind our users.  Always have. Always will.

Autodesk?  Who knows what they stand for.