Step on up to the Webinar – Stepping Up From CAD to BIM

Step on up to the Webinar – Stepping Up From CAD to BIM

We invite you to take advantage of another helpful and educational webinar. Hosted by “ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Users” author Scott MacKenzie, the webinar will present ways to transition from using 2D CAD software to ArchiCAD – the BIM software produced by Graphisoft.

CAD to BIM Webinar VideoParticipating in the webinar will expose you to some of the simplest terms and the most comprehensive definitions about what it takes to adopt a new BIM software solution. That adoption can be intimidating, especially in cases where time has been invested in learning the commands, techniques, shortcuts, and work-arounds required to create architectural drawings in 2D software.

This educational webinar, like the book it is based on, builds on what you may already know. MacKenzie begins with an overview of the similarities between the two programs, demonstrates how to transfer your existing skills to a similarly advanced level with ArchiCAD. He takes you through the features of ArchiCAD – workflow, editing and collaboration among others.

In less than one hour, the webinar will cover:

  • Familiar Concepts – review of the concepts that exist in 2D CAD and ArchiCAD BIM software such as drafting tools, layers, modify tools and viewports on title blocks
  • New Concepts – exploit BIM-specific concepts like the shared model environment (Teamwork) and the single-model concept to make the most of your design
  • Work Environment – the “how to” portion – going over toolbars, palettes, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
  • Modeling – see how to model walls, doors and windows; objects and object creation; working in 3D by default
  • Teamwork – get up close demonstration of how to join a teamwork project, see how to send and receive, request and release, all to improve team communication and collaboration
  • Documentation: how 2D documentation is automatically generated and updated in the background while you create your Building Information Models
  • Navigation and Workflow: Project Map
  • Publishing to various formats (DWG, PDF, PMK, etc.)
  • And more!


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