Long time ArchiCAD firm, Terry and Terry, was recently named the San Francisco AIA Interior Design Award winner for their Hybrid Design project.

Graphic design firm, Hybrid Design contracted Terry & Terry to help them with a renovation of an historic brick building located in the Jackson Square historic district of San Francisco for their office. Terry & Terry had to work closely with respect to the historic location and took care to modernize while complimenting the older parts of the building. The building had to be brought up to code with ADA requirements for the entrance and restrooms.

Hybrid Design Project ArchiCAD Terry & Terry

Photo courtesy of Bruce Damonte Photography www.brucedamonte.com

Architect Alex Terry tells us the visualization feature was well received by the graphic artists – and the 3D model was extremely helpful for the team in communicating the design intent.

“We would produce a rendering at an instant so that they could clearly understand what the design was going to be. Then, that same model has our elevations and plans – abstracts for them, but necessary for us. Given that this was a commercial application, there were multiple layers to deal with, making it complicated for us to view the bones of the building and the design.”

From start to finish the project took about a year to get through planning, neighborhood review, obtaining permits and structural approvals. Twelve months after that, the project was completed, designed in ArchiCAD 15.

Hybrid Design Project ArchiCAD Terry & Terry

Photo courtesy of Bruce Damonte Photography www.brucedamonte.com

The old brick building was put together just after the 1906 earthquake – rather quickly according to Terry.

“They built it as a single story building. It became a bar and stayed that way for many years. There were also several iterations of cafes. We added a second story to provide Hybrid Design with more office space and were even able to create a deck area for the employees.”

When the project moved into the construction document phase, Terry & Terry made good use of ArchiCAD’s Teamwork feature.

ArchiCAD Terry & Terry“There were some alterations made to make the building better able to withstand an earthquake – since it was brick construction, we added steel beams every twelve feet to reinforce the structure. The façade of the building was partially altered, the header and brick walls were original.”

The award factored in how well the interior relates to the view from outside.

“In order to connect with the existing cornice above, we used a 3/8” solid plate, creating a bay window and concealing the underside of it. It folds into a bench – made of steel, which ties in to the other steel elements in the building. They have their front conference room there.”

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