Challenge Accepted: Ionic Column

In my post about the Doric Order being modeled in ArchiCAD, I ended with a challenge to the behind the scenes guru who makes all the awesome ArchiCAD Classics videos. Well I have a feeling he was already planning the sequel video because here it is:

My favorite part of this video is how our ArchiCAD Modeling Master uses the Explore Model method of 3D Navigation. We’re all familiar with this way of moving around a 3D model to help our clients understand their buildings. The Explore Model mode allows us to walk around a model like a video game. It lacks an understanding of gravity and the solidity of objects, like the analogous exploration mode in BIMx, but nonetheless it’s an indispensable method of client communication. Watch the video closely. Our Mystery Guru uses it to subtly climb up the length of the Ionic column, to help him model. I’ve never seen anyone use this option like this before.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, there’s so much to learn from watching these videos. Especially if you follow along and try to build them yourself. But beyond the incredible Morphing, there are so many little clues that reveal the modeler to be a true ArchiCAD expert and not just a pro at the one tool. So find the time and rewatch this video (and the others). But this time, ignore the forms. Look at everything else the guru is doing. You’ll be equally impressed.

One more note on Morphing Classical Architecture

Make sure you watch the construction of the capital closely (around minute five and a half). The creation of the curves is pretty impressive, not just from an ArchiCAD standpoint, but also for the logic of how those curves are constructed. I’ve studied the Ionic Order before, but after watching this video, I’ll remember the details much better!

Now the question remains… will we get to see the Corinthian Order modeled in ArchiCAD using the Morph tool? No pressure!

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    “No pressure!”
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