Watch this short and simple video explaining why a one time purchase of a $50 app can save you hundreds – perhaps thousands of dollars over a single project.

Imagine what you can save in a year’s worth of designs, changes and re-works!

Put your full BIM documentation in the hands of clients and contractors.

In addition, BIMx Docs lets you share those changes in the cloud with your clients and contractors – whether they use it on an iPad or an iOS device.

Save a tree – go digital.

Help your clients understand the model as never before. Speed up the process of explanation by just showing them what it looks like – BIMx Docs makes it simple to comprehend the 3D model with the 2D. With BIMx Docs, it’s easy to see what’s what, with smooth transitions between 2D and 3D.



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  1. Al Fortunato

    Excellent !!!


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