Up until a few months ago, if you typed “ArchiCAD 18” into a search engine, you’d either get some random website that happened to use both the word “ArchiCAD” and the number “18” somewhere in the body of the same article, or you’d find Miguel Krippahl’s old post from 2006. Hopefully Miguel’s name is vaguely familiar. He’s a long time ArchiCAD user, and was a frequent blogger (here’s his old site, it’s in Portuguese, but you can use Google to translate it). Like so many passionate ArchiCAD users over the years, he had a career change…and now works FOR Graphisoft—currently as the country Manager for Brazil. To be honest, even though I’ve run into Miguel a few times since he joined Graphisoft, I’m not 100% sure exactly what his job title means. Other than that ArchiCAD users in Brazil are very fortunate to have him working hard for their benefit.

The Future of ArchiCAD, as seen from 2006

Take a moment when you get to the end of this post and read Miguel’s thoughts from 2006. He paints a very evocative vision of the future of our industry. And while his dream of ArchiCAD 18 (written on a computer that only had ArchiCAD 10 installed) obviously didn’t arrive in 2014, it offers some great clues of the present and future. We don’t work in a virtual reality environment, but the ease of collaboration and involvement of both professional and non-professional stakeholders are more and more in the headlines of ArchiCAD news every day. We can’t yet stand in a virtual building but we can stand where a building will go and hold a virtual building in our hands.  We can’t yet beam a digital avatar from one 3D model to another, but thanks to the BIMserver and now BIMcloud, working with dispersed teams across the world or moving from one project to another to check progress is something many of us do daily without thinking. And viewing an unbuilt project at night, fully illuminated, even when you’re only partially done with Schematic Design? Not a problem.

And this is where I get on my taller soapbox upon my wider soapbox, which rests on my standard soapbox. Read Miguel’s post and think about how almost everything he talks about focuses on collaboration, communication, and the openness of creativity. How all those things he describes are facilitated by what we have at hand now in the real ArchiCAD 18. Sure we’re missing a few things he prognosticates (I would love acoustic simulation!), but we can explore and experiment with almost all the ideas he points towards. Live model tweaking with clients; incorporating others’ models;  visualizing the building at different times of the day and year; all that and more we should all be doing now. Needless to say, I love this article Miguel wrote almost 8 years ago. I come across it every couple months or years and am always surprised with how many salient points he hits upon. And yes, I have been waiting year after year for us to reach ArchiCAD 18 so that I could write a post pointing to Miguel’s ruminations! Do yourself a favor and read it today. And then read it again in six months. At some point, the post will probably get eaten by the Internet and disappear. So don’t wait.

With each iteration of ArchiCAD, and each jumpshift with computer technology in general, I expect Miguel’s post to get ever closer to reality.

Miguel’s eight year old guess about ArchiCAD 18

Miguel and ArchiCAD 18

Oh and if you aren’t completely convinced that the present and future of ArchiCAD is all about collaboration, communication, and the openness of creativity, perhaps this video will help.

In future articles we will actually go into detail about all the cool stuff we can do today with ArchiCAD 18, but let’s just dream a little for now. Dreaming is good. Make sure to follow Graphisoft North America on Twitter. Click Here so that you don’t miss anything!



  1. Miguel Krippahl

    Thanks, Jared, for that trip down the future memory lane.
    I knew at the time this little story would come back and haunt me, only not this soon.
    To set the record straight, I was working on the assumption that ArchiCAD would maintain a 2 year upgrade cycle, so this story would happen somewhere in the twenties.
    I still believe it could (can?), and if someone is capable of making such a innovative jump, it must be GRAPHISOFT.

    You are right of course, the vision is all about collaborarion, and in rendering the interface invisible. Allowing people do what they do best.

    Country Manager does not mean I am managing a 200 million country, just the very small percentage that is pasisionately dedicated to promoting, selling and supporting ArchiCAD in Brazil.

    Oh, and right now I am writing these lines on an iPhone on a 3G band, from Rio de Janeiro airport.
    Talk about life beeing stranger than fiction…

    • Jared Banks

      Definitely stranger than fiction! Okay. I’m totally going to revisit this blog post in 2022, which is when ArchiCAD 18 would have come out if Graphisoft kept to a two year cycle. Just made the calendar reminder. We shall see how close you were to getting what will perhaps be ArchiCAD 26 right. I look forward to that conversation. Maybe we will be able to broadcast it live via hologram.


      Actually this has me thinking. I should spend some time later this Fall writing my own prediction for ArchiCAD (or BIM in general) in 2022. Or maybe 2020. That way we don’t have to wait so long!

      • Miguel Krippahl

        I am scheduling a beer with you on the AC 26 launch. Preferably a real beer, not a virtual one.

          • Miguel Krippahl

            Budapest, Rio, Cairo, Vladivostok, Singapore…
            Who knows? That is the beauty of it 🙂

  2. Pravin Kumar

    Hi Jared & Miguel.. This is Pravin from India. Good to see this post & conversation.. ArchiCAD is back in India & exceeding expectations.. who knows.. In 2022 you both might be in Chennai or Bangalore or Mumbai to celebrate something big:):)

  3. Jared Banks

    Pravin, that is awesome. So glad to hear ArchiCAD’s official return to India is going well. It’s been a long time coming. Yes 2022 in Chennai, Bangalore, or Mumbai would work for us (if I can speak for Miguel as well)!

  4. Djordje

    Guys … if I am still there in 2022, I will propose Dubai … it’s the halfway point for most of the places mentioned 😀


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