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Goodbye lag time – hello creative flow!

ARCHICAD 23 puts a special emphasis on making an architect’s daily tasks flow in an uninterrupted way.

Improved Connections

Updated connections with Solibri, Grasshopper/Rhino and dRofus ensure streamlined data flow between applications.


Create high-quality images, panoramas or 360° images using the built-in rendering engine, or use the Twinmotion editor with Ray Tracing!



This version boasts raw performance optimization, streamlined workflows and reduced file sizes to speed up your workflow.

Video Rendering

Create immersive, animated renderings that include moving people and cars – and even sounds! All thanks to Twinmotion integration.

“The efficiency of these tools really helps our business. We’re able to do bigger projects as a smaller team. So that’s always a winning strategy when it comes to getting a young company off of the ground.”

Anthony Laney, Laney LA

Background Image: ‘Birch’, Carson CA. Laney LA


ARCHICAD 23 allows architects to experience real-time rendering and photo-realistic visualization with the seamless workflow of the Twinmotion live connection. Thanks to Twinmotion’s state-of-the-art rendering solution, creating real-time photo-realistic renderings is now extremely fast and easy, while real-time synchronization enables architects to edit the model and make design decisions on the fly. All qualifying ARCHICAD 23 license holders are entitled to Epic Games’ upcoming enhanced version of Twinmotion, free of charge.

The Nordre Jarlsberg Brygge project, by Delta Arkitekter AS



ARCHICAD is a true BIM platform which facilitates easy file sharing with other software products through Open BIM and IFC standards.

Solibri Connection

ARCHICAD 23 enables seamless code and constructability checking at any stage of the design. The add-on automatically detects and sends only those elements that are changed in the ARCHICAD model, resulting in faster round-trip collaboration.

dRofus Connection

ARCHICAD 23 allows architects to capture and organize client planning requirements and use these to validate and propose design alternatives. The dRofus database enables designers to collect and handle planning rules and design data with ease, even when working on large and complex projects, like hospitals, airports and universities.

Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD live connection

The new Grasshopper Deconstruct Component can be used to extract ARCHICAD element surface data as a design reference. With the help of this function, changes to the core design scheme in BIM will automatically update all linked design details generated via design algorithms in Grasshopper.


New and Updated Tools

Voids, Niches, and Recesses

The new Opening tool in ARCHICAD is dedicated to model and coordinate project design voids, recesses and niches — as horizontal, vertical or slanted openings across elements, element groups or even across stories. Such openings are important for project coordination as they are equally relevant for architects, engineers and consultants and must be documented by architects and by engineers. Openings can be modeled, scheduled, and documented using intuitive tools, and shared using open IFC standards.

Re-engineered Column and Beam Tools

ARCHICAD 23 enables architects to quickly model accurate construction details and create quantity estimations for reinforced concrete, complex steel, timber, and composite beams and columns. Complex columns and curved, haunched and castellated beams can now be modeled and documented to meet graphic and representation standards. Beams and columns can be displayed using various projected and symbolic views and cover fills.

Performance Enhancements

This version boasts raw performance optimization, streamlined workflows and reduced file sizes – just a few of the ways ARCHICAD 23 puts a special emphasis on making an architect’s daily tasks flow in an uninterrupted way. Goodbye lag time – hello creative juice flow!

ARCHICAD – Globally Award-Winning BIM

Best of Show, Innovation Category

AIA Architosh Awards 2019

BIM Product of the Year

The Hammers 2018

Gold Award winner

‘Architects’ Darling’ Award 2018 (Germany)

Best of Show, BIM Category

AIA Architosh Awards 2018

BIM Product of the Year

The Hammers 2017

BIM Product of the Year

The Hammers 2016

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