The first GRAPHISOFT Basecamp has come to a close!

Basecamp was held at GRAPHISOFT Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary from July 22 through August 2, 2019 for twenty talented architecture students from around the world. 

This educational event was designed to assist graduating students gain a head-start when beginning their career; gain exposure to other cultures; and foster relationships with other architects from around the world. 

Several countries including Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Russia, United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil, were asked to recruit the best students out there to further enhance their knowledge in BIM and ARCHICAD.

While the students were trained by GRAPHISOFT HQ Mentors, they also had the opportunity to work on a project of their own. Organizers broke the twenty students up into five teams. Each team was tasked to design a new nursery for GRAPHISOFT Park, the location of GRAPHISOFT headquarters. Teams were required to follow a BIM workflow, guided by GRAPHISOFT HQ trainers and mentors to reach the top and finish their projects on time.

Students also had a chance to take the new ARCHICAD Professional and ARCHICAD user certifications. Please welcome and help us congratulate these new ARCHICAD and the first participants in Basecamp !

  • 11 certified ARCHICAD Professionals
  • 4 certified ARCHICAD Users

In addition to the informative training sessions and lots of amazing work the teams took on during Basecamp , there was a little time for fun and relaxation. Basecamp students visited an escape room, felt a little of the unique Hungarian atmosphere on the riverside and participated in a guided architectural city walk.

Here’s what Shanelle Reese, current student at Tulane University, had to say about her Basecamp experience: 

What was your overall impression of Basecamp and the experience as a whole?

       “Basecamp was truly exciting and being that is was my first time out the country. I got the opportunity to learn about different customs and experience how the rest of the world lives. Basecamp opened me up to so many different career opportunities within the company also teaching me the right way to use and manipulate the software to my aesthetic liking”

What did you gain from Basecamp / learn about ARCHICAD?

     “I honestly learned how to correctly use the view map! I hate to say that but it’s true. Other than having that light bulb going off in my head I learned how to correctly deal with graphic overrides, renovation tool, BIMx, Twin Motion, Presentation Skills, rendering techniques, and so much more. Just from going to Basecamp I’ve successful created my own template for me to use before I start any educational project. So now my workflow will move efficiently and have less graphical mistakes.”

How will this experience help with your future as an architect?

       “By attending Basecamp I was able to take a user and professional exam for ARCHICAD, and I passed them both!!! So having that certification will definitely open doors for me on my path to licensure. Not only did I pass the test but I also learned that ARCHICAD operates on an open BIM platform. No matter what program you are using ARCHICAD is able to read the files if imported correctly and be able to communicate across different design disciplines. Knowing that information will allow for me to confidently use ARCHICAD in my office due to its flexibility and easy to use interface.”

Any other comments you want to share 

       “While I was Basecamp I had the pleasure of being surrounded by people who have a passion for GRAPHISOFT as a whole and that was honestly the happiest I felt in a long time about architecture. Even though I couldn’t speak Hungarian, Hungary felt like a second home. I was excited to go to the headquarters every single day. If I ever have the opportunity to go back and be a part of the amazing staff at GRAPHISOFT Headquarters I would. GRAPHISOFT builds bridges and connects the unexpected!!!”

The talented and diverse group sat down to give their impressions of the experience as well, in this short video clip.

Congratulations to all the students involved!

For more on Basecamp and to see their full agenda over the two weeks, visit

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