You can now download GRAPHISOFT approved training materials.  The training material consists of multiple segments, appealing to users with varying degrees of ArchiCAD knowledge. Each volume includes a step-by-step PDF manual, narrated video clips and ArchiCAD project files for hands-on practice.

Titles Currently Available for Download:

AC-Training-Vol-1Vol. 1 The ArchiCAD BIM Concept

The first volume of the ArchiCAD Training Series introduces the fundamental concepts, techniques and key benefits of GRAPHISOFT’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. It is primarily intended for those who would like to get an overview of the ArchiCAD’s project and workflow concepts.

Vol. 2 Basic ArchiCAD

In this chapter, fundamental ArchiCAD modeling and documentation techniques are explained by making a small pavilion building. This volume is intended for novice users and prospects looking for quick hands-on experience with ArchiCAD. It is AC-Training-Vol-2strongly recommended to complete Vol. 1 prior to starting this Vol. 2.

How to Access These Training Volumes

Click here to sign in and download your training materials. If you already have a GRAPHISOFT ID (which would be the same ID you use to log into, just enter your login and password.  Otherwise, follow the link on this page to set up a new ID.

Happy Learning!


  1. Edmond Lee

    Thank you for shearing !

  2. TumyKt

    “This video is unavailable” I get this message. Why?

  3. jose velazquez

    Where can i find the vol.3, 4 & 5 in PDF



    • yussoo

      Im still searching

  4. Arnold Sikaona

    tried to download exercise files for Archicad 21 but was unsuccessful. Any idea how to download them. Need them for my practical exercises.

  5. Arnold Sikaona

    Awaiting your reply to my question.


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