There are many ways to learn ARCHICAD – but learning it from the experts is by far the best way. Now you have three levels from which to choose your ARCHICAD journey from the highly knowledgeable team at ARCHVISTA. This summary will give you an overview of some of the options that ARCHVISTA offers.

Tom and Tracie Simmons started their LearnVirtual program because they wanted to respond to questions they were getting from their clients. They developed a system to review topics that were commonly asked by clients. The system effectively creates a resource library as it mitigates issues that arise regularly from user questions. The “Listen and Learn” arrangement of sessions provides a way for clients get in on a discussion that benefits them and their particular situation. They know the sessions are scheduled regularly so they can get questions answered once a week. Not unlike a user group, LearnVirtual builds the knowledge base for its customers.

Choose Your Journey

Level One – “In Practice”

This tier of training from ARCHVISTA is best for ARCHICAD users that want to learn in-depth how seasoned users implement and integrate ARCHICAD in their practice. With the In-Practice level, subscribers can view live and recorded webinars. An upcoming webinar will feature Andrew Chaloupka of KA DesignWorks who will discussing VR and its integration with ARCHICAD and Twinmotion. This level of training is not step-by-step instruction – rather – stories from the perspective of experienced users that demonstrate how users from around the world use ARCHICAD in their business.

Level Two – “Training”

Here’s where you’ll find the bulk of ARCHVISTA training videos. Produced in a series, ranging from modeling techniques to the stair tool and beyond, these videos best serve someone who is on a basic to intermediate ARCHICAD level. There’s a cafeteria style configuration here, where you can pick and choose which topic you want to focus on.

Level Three – “Premium”

Here’s where you find “Coaching Mondays”, topical classes you learn in through a live online class. At the end of each session the instructors open the floor up to a Q&A session. Premium level from ARCHVISTA features an ARCHICAD Basics and standards development course. This is the ideal choice if you are just starting out with ARCHICAD, because it includes a course the fundamentals. The 4-part course includes On-Demand videos and a project model to help you learn ARCHICAD, as well as a pdf – and is built on the same outline and process for how ARCH-VISTA organizes training at clients’ offices.

It is important to note that ARCHVISTA is never more than two versions behind the current version of ARCHICAD. That means the training can last you for a couple of years, since the ARCHICAD interface doesn’t drastically change from version to version.

Some upcoming courses on the docket for LearnVirtual are:

– February 10 – Creating Custom Building Schedules
Learn how to create custom building schedules and the process for customizing existing schedules. This lesson will include a review of schemes, schedule types, using Criteria to define the type of schedule data and adding Fields to define the information listed in a schedule.

– February 24 – Managing LEED & Sustainable Design
Examine how to set up LEED documentation using ARCHICAD’s Layout Book and Autotext, the process for setting up a LEED Checklist Report and how to create custom interactive schedules for LEED calculations.

– March 5 – ARCHICAD, Twinmotion & VR | Visualization for Architects & Designers
With the ever increasing affordability of high end rendering computers, VR experiences are no longer a service offered only by large, expensive firms. Explore the process of VR and how to bring this engaging technology to clients, from the hardware basics to the implementation of the software and its real world applications.

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