Give Gratitude all Month

During the month of November, which is often associated with a period of gratitude, we invite you to extend that gratitude to your favorite software. It is easy – and FREE – to stay current with the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology – so maybe that’s reason one to be grateful for ARCHICAD. We suggest the handy method of creating GIFs as reason two.

Clearly Explain a Project’s Fundamental Idea

The value of GIFs can’t be understated. They are easy to understand and require no extra application to play them. Creating them is really simple, provided you have good pictures and a GIF maker you can merge these images into an animated GIF. 

Present the Construction Process


Provide a consistent viewpoint: Images for animated GIFs can be created with 3D Views, 3D Documents or 2D elements placed on Layouts.  

Change something within the view: After choosing a fixed viewpoint, save individual images hiding or cutting out content thereby creating the feeling of moving images.

Save views and publish: After saving the 3D Views or 3D Documents create a Publisher Set. In ARCHICAD the last step is publishing them into an image format.

Create the GIF: ARCHICAD publish Views in a GIF format, then create an animated GIF with an external application. Almost every image editor application can create animated GIFs. Many free applications exist for this purpose.

We’ve only devoted space for a brief overview of the process. Please visit the HELP CENTER now to get the full explanation about creating GIFs in ARCHICAD.

What feature of ARCHICAD are you grateful for? Reply in the comments!

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