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That’s right, now you can take a test that certifies your ARCHICAD knowledge. Don’t worry, we know the word “test” can spark some anxiety and you probably have a few questions. We’ve tried to anticipate some of them, read on. This online certification lets you evaluate your skills and prove your worth to potential employers. The extensive online free resources, including the self-paced interactive training materials are there to help you develop your skills. Make all of the time you’ve dedicated to learning ARCHICAD count by taking the certification test.

Why Should I Take This Test?qualified

  • Job seeking is tough enough. Not only do you need to be qualified, there’s added stress including resume writing, preparing your portfolio, having a firm handshake and anxiety over having something stuck in your teeth during the job interview. (True story)
  • Current labor statistics figures*, project that the architecture field will continue to be competitive for both internships and jobs in the coming years.  That means job-seekers with up-to-date technical skills in BIM will definitely have an advantage. 
  • Top educators agree that BIM proficiency is a key factor in making a successful entrance into the job market today. Certified ARCHICAD knowledge in and of itself can provide the tipping point that pushes one candidate in front of another in line for a job. Across North America, ARCHICAD firms of all sizes and specialties, seek savvy graduates to join their staff. They want cutting-edge thinkers to join their teams. Candidates with ARCHICAD know-how have a leg up on the competition.

Take the Test! 

Even if you are months away from filling out job applications, it is never too early to start looking at online job boards for open positions and enhancing your resume.  Find out where you stand. Test your ARCHICAD skills!

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* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Architects

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  1. Je'Von Philpott

    Good Day

    I completed the test and I passed. How long does it take for me to receive my student certification?




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