Leverage your knowledge by the book, ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Users

While it can be intimidating to adopt a new Building Information Modeling software package, the fact is that AutoCAD and ArchiCAD share many of the same concepts – which can ease the transition.

Written by Scott H MacKenzie and Simon Gilbert; the book, “ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Users” is a helpful addition to an ArchiCAD Users Guide – and can help one move from an extensive but general CAD package like AutoCAD, to an advanced, architecturally-intelligent (BIM) package like ArchiCAD. The purpose of this book is to address the needs of more experienced AutoCAD users and was completely revamped for ArchiCAD 15.

The book remains a useful tool even to its author, Stantec Architecture CAD Manager, Scott MacKenzie. “Even though I have worked on updating the book for 3 versions of ArchiCAD, I still refer back to it for helpful information. I wanted to make this a useful and time saving tool for everyone, but also for myself. It is a great reference guide even for an experienced ArchiCAD user.”

First published in 2002, “ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Users” (based on ArchiCAD 7.0) supported efforts to migrate architectural practices from 2D workflows to Virtual Building based design and documentation. Since then the book has gone through a revision or two, having been updated for ArchiCAD 12 and now ArchiCAD 15.

“ArchiCAD for AutoCAD Users” builds on what you may already know. The book begins with an overview of the similarities between the two programs. It explains how to quickly transfer your AutoCAD skills to a similarly advanced level with ArchiCAD. Then it moves through the features of ArchiCAD – taking on workflow, editing and collaboration among others.

The easy to follow text will take you through the learning curve and make you a confident ArchiCAD user quickly.


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