School name: Utah State University Eastern

Location: Price, Utah

Tyler1Course title: Residential Architecture – the study of basic concepts to help the students grasp ideas that will help them pursue and further their education in architecture and related studies through the use of ArchiCAD. Students are introduced to the concepts of drafting, design and basic architecture. Students are tasked with building a cabin model in ArchiCAD to help them explore the software; learn how to change the walls, properties of the elements and so forth. As the students progress, they are given an area and an income limit and must research and create a home that fits within those restrictions. Their final project includes creating foundations, walls and coding the building processes as well as obtaining permits and acquiring certifications.

Rayan1Professor: Elias Perez – “The functionality in ArchiCAD is very conducive to the learning environment. My students learn to manipulate the planes, create better representations of surface and so on. ArchiCAD gives them the ability to make changes effortlessly; relocating doors with one click instead of a cumbersome click and drag process. The elevations and projections in our previous workflow were time consuming – but with ArchiCAD it is a byproduct. There’s no need to draw anything more than once. The section views are done, elevations are done, every item that you have and component is cataloged – windows, doors, everything is there. I really like the way the roof wizard works, I find it is a great tool for my students. By teaching my students how to use ArchiCAD, I believe I’m helping them be more creative, more productive and become sought-after candidates for employers down the road.”



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  1. Marie

    Very informative and interesting.


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