Simple ArchiCAD videos

Simple ArchiCAD videos

It’s always good to do some house keeping around the New Year. Last week here in Minnesota, my wife and I completely filled her car with stuff to take to Goodwill. This week and next, the hope is to clean our house top to bottom. Then in late January the plan is to buy some new furniture, light fixtures, and some other desperately needed upgrades to our home (of course it’s when you’re getting ready to sell your house that it finally looks and functions the way you always wanted it to). A fresh coat of paint is probably beyond my energy level at the moment…

But what about in our professional lives?

What is the equivalent of a clean start for the New Year? What’s a good resolution to make that isn’t just hyperbole. Something that’s doable. Functional. Beneficial. And let’s be honest, not TOO huge of a time commitment. I really want to say:

Early January is a great time to revamp your template: clean up those Attributes and purge all those version 8.1 objects you’re still holding on to! Nothing like the New Year to finally commit to learning Artlantis, GDL, and exporting to .ifc! Let’s all commit to doing competitions and pro bono work. And don’t forget to promise to submit all your projects for awards and publications this year!

Yikes. Who’s going to do all that? Well hopefully you will do some big picture things like those listed above. I definitely want to completely redo my template (later this Spring, with posts planned for the Summer). And I’ve been saying for months that 2013 is the year I learn GDL. I made some baby steps in December. And I am hoping to write about those adventures this winter as well. Though I’m not sure that I’ll be qualified to write about GDL scripting. Personally rendering really isn’t on my to do list this year. Maybe 2014. But I’ve got some other goals as well.

Let’s focus on Little Successes

ArchiCAD Slab Tool

Slab Tool Video

Have you noticed the new series of ArchiCAD videos on YouTube? Graphisoft has been quietly posting these short videos on the ultra basic functions of ArchiCAD. Currently they have published videos on the Slab Tool, Wall Tool, Magic Wand, and most recently on Element Information.

Commit to watching these videos and the others that will be released in the series. Why? For new users, it’s pretty straightforward. These are great overviews of some fundamentals. For experienced users, a review of these concepts is always good (we all need a refresher now and again). But perhaps more critical for old hats and pros: you probably spend a fair amount of time talking with beginners or people interested in ArchiCAD. Or you will because I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a great year for all of us. These videos will help you have the language to better explain all the parts of ArchiCAD which seem so simple and obvious to you. Plus knowledge of these videos will be a great asset when the new coworkers ask “where can I learn more about ArchiCAD?”

Subscribe to the ArchiCAD YouTube Channel to keep up to date on the latest videos. Or follow ArchiCAD on Facebook, the videos are usually posted there as well.

One More Option

Is there some aspect of ArchiCAD that you always wanted to know more about? Leave a comment or EMAIL ME and I’ll research and write about those areas. Or maybe record some videos of my own.

Happy New Year!

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