BIMx Mobile – it just keeps getting better

BIMx mobile for iOS and Android devices has been upgraded, with the addition of several new features. 

BIMxThe features of real-time 3D cutaway, improved rendering and increased performance further enhance BIMx as a cutting-edge communication and presentation tool for BIM projects.

Real-time 3D Cutaway lets a user create a floor plan-like overview of the BIM by cutting the BIMx model on a horizontal plane. In this way, users can locate internal model parts much more easily than using the explore method. The 3D Cutaway also makes the view a more simple concept to grasp for non-professional viewers – for example, those who may be in attendance at a town planning meeting.

The FPS (frame per second) rate has been sped up, resulting in a faster rendering engine. Models load in a shorter time period – an average of two to three times faster than before – and provide a significantly better user experience during model navigation. The models also use less memory – opening the way for larger models to be accessed in BIMx.


  1. Mark Vacha

    I am not at all happy that we are asked to pay for a simple export. After spending all that time to make the model in a costly program, you turn around and charge me even more to export it in BIMx. Why is the app free??? You should charge for the app! That is the appropriate place to ask for the money. If the client wants to see the product in a 3D way, they are the ones who should be charged. A movie producer pays to make a movie. However if I want to see the movie, I have to PAY to see the movie. There are upfront costs to creating and making a book. However if I want to read a book, I have to PAY for the book. However, Graphisoft has this stupid idea that after I pay my upfront costs for the software to create the model that if my client wants to see my model, they do not have to pay! I HAVE TO PAY so he can see it!! This is so ridiculously backwards that it is hard not to feel insulted by how we are getting treated by Graphisoft on this one!

  2. Jared Banks

    Mark, why not have the client pay then? But instead of having them pay Graphisoft to get the app, have them pay you for the model. I’ve definitely done this in the past. Provide a BIMx model to the client as an additional service. The initial cost of BIMx (esp. the cost if you’re on subscription when you purchase the add-on) could easily be paid for after the first client or two.

    Use your same line of thinking above to explain why the client can’t just get more from you for free.


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