BIMx Premium Account, Surprise! You’ve Got More Features.


Editor’s note:  Jared shared some cool extras to supplement this post about BIMx. We think you’ll really like it, click here to check it out.

BIMx in ArchiCAD 16

With the release of ArchiCAD 16, BIMx got some improvements. I have three favorite new features. First, BIM information is displayed for elements. You can now get information from the model, such as layer, element ID, and various dimensions. Second, BIMx is now on Android. You probably already know that from all the news yesterday. I remember when GRAPHISOFT first announced BIMx for iOS devices, I raised my hand (digitally) and said “let me know when you guys need beta testers for the Android version!” I’ve now had the opportunity to use the Android version of BIMx for a while and I’m a big fan.  Before I get to the main point of this article, let’s linger on BIMx for Android for a bit longer. Check out this ArchiCADwiki article on BIMx optimization. What intrigues me is that for extra large projects (100 MB+), you need an iPad 3 or an Android device with 1GB of RAM. Why is that interesting? Because while the latest iPhone 4s can’t handle those files, my long-in-the-tooth almost 2 year old Motorola Atrix running Android 2.3 can. That’s cool. Enough tangent… where was I going? Oh and Third…

BIMx Premium Account

Are you using BIMx? Are your ArchiCAD keys also on the ArchiPLUS subscription? If so, you got an added feature when ArchiCAD 16 was released.


Public Model

At my previous job, one of the frustrations I had with sending clients BIMx files was how unprofessional I looked. Our e-mail couldn’t handle large files and the firm didn’t have any sort of FTP site. I didn’t want the files to be public on the BIMx community page and transferring the data via thumb drive was just annoying. So my solution was always sending links to clients from personal accounts. Of course those links were sent after trying to explain how Google Docs worked and what Dropbox or a similar storage service was. And often the process involved e-mails like “how do I do this again? I don’t see anything. Does my computer have to be on?” Now with the BIMx Premium Account, there’s no more need to share BIMx files through Dropbox, Google Drive, or Hotmail’s SkyDrive. No more YouSendIt or the plethora of other large file transfer services.

Now you can keep all your BIMx files organized in one central location, accessible from anywhere, by only the people you want. For each license you get 1 GB of private storage and 100 MB of public storage on your BIMx Premium Account. Files can be public, hidden, or private (password protected). Want to share a BIMx model with all the contractors bidding a project? Give them the link. Want to share some models with a prospective client? Send them a password to view some unique BIMx models you don’t usually share. Want people visiting your website to have easy access to the awesome models you provide your clients? Write about that service on your site, then direct people to a few public models on your BIMx Premium Account.

I set up my account this morning.

Accessing a public file involves using the BIMx community page. But now it’s much easier to organize and access your content. And with a few clicks, you can make a file public, private, or hidden.

I really like the private file interface. It’s clean, professional, and easy to understand. Here’s what your client will see when you send them a link to a private, password protected file:


Login Screen for Private Model


and once they’ve entered the password:


Private Model

The hidden file is a nice middle solution. Anyone can access it, but it doesn’t show up in the public, searchable list on the BIMx community page. Also the download interface is exactly like the Private Model screen shot I show above. If someone is reaching the file via a link from your e-mail, or perhaps the portfolio page on your website, the private file offers a nice controlled, focused experience without the hassle of a password.

Your Turn…

Did I mention that there’s a good chance you already have this service? Or are just a few easy steps from adding it? So let’s hear from you. How are you going to take advantage of this cool new service? Personally, I’ll be adding a bunch of private BIMx examples to my account to share with both prospective clients and other architects I meet via my writing. Want more details on the BIMx Premium Account? Here you go!

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