GRAPHISOFT has developed another tool for your BIM toolbox. This tool – the EcoDesigner STAR – creates a streamlined energy analysis workflow. Essentially – architects can use their ArchiCAD BIM as a Building Energy Model (BEM).

GRAPHISOFT partnered with StruSoft three years ago with a singular mission: to revolutionize how sustainable design is carried out in the Building Information Modeling environment. They based their cooperation on the understanding that while “energy” remains a primary concern for engineers, architects have the initial and sometimes most important decisions to make – that influence the energy performance of the completed building.

EcoDesigner Screen 2

The BIM model is equipped with hourly energy simulation based on weather conditions and operation profiles which establishes a virtual reality design environment – adding another valuable, data-rich dimension to the ArchiCAD Building Information Modeling experience.

EcoDesigner Screen 1What does this mean for designers and energy consultants? Implementing BIM in your everyday design practice already requires less time to complete and deliver an architectural project. Now, with EcoDesigner STAR – coordination and collaboration are further enhanced as those processes are shortened and more productive. Additionally, EcoDesigner STAR offers standard-compliant energy analyses on the BEM and produces a detailed building performance report, all within the familiar ArchiCAD design environment. EcoDesigner supports authoring tools in ArchiCAD by fully inegrating energy evaluation and reporting, according to international energy standards into the BIM.

EcoDesigner STAR for ArchiCAD 17 offers:

  • BIM Geometry and Thermal Property Data Export
  • Thermal Bridge Simulation
  • Expert Building Systems Settings
  • On-Site Renewables
  • Building Energy Simulation Using Standard-Compliant Analysis Engine
  • Energy Performance of Thermal Blocks
  • Building Energy Performance Rating

Why is this important? Buildings are the top consumers of energy overall and the top contributors to climate change – so it is imperative for architects to see the role they play in the global effort to reduce energy use and comply with global and local energy regulations. History has shown that design decisions made at the beginning phases of a project determine about 80% of the energy characteristics.  EcoDesigner STAR can simplify that first step, calculating energy use at the very birth of the building, even before ground is broken or any foundation is poured.



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