When we first introduced you to KA Designworks – it was to let you know about the new graduate they’d hired, who brought valuable ArchiCAD experience to the table and got the job because of it.

KA DesignWorks ArchiCADSince then, the firm has really been busy – jumping in with both feet for full use of BIMx Docs and getting projects going in ArchiCAD 17. Owner Ken Adler says one project in particular, a 3300 square foot home in Basalt has required heavy collaboration amongst the project team – relying on the Teamwork function of ArchiCAD to make the workflow most efficient.

“Originally we were a one or two person firm, so we didn’t see the need for this feature. But recently we had the opportunity to collaborate with Riverstone Structural Concepts through the online BIM server and it has been a fantastic tool.”

Bedroom-iPad-leftThe fantastic tool to which Adler is referring also includes BIMx Docs – something he’s employing to assist his team in the approval process for homes in Aspen, Colorado area. By consulting with other team members and communicating through the BIM Server – changes are made to the model within minutes. Because the changes can be uploaded via the BIMx Docs application directly to the iPad, the process of getting those changes to the work site has been streamlined and costs associated with printing those changes have been reduced.

“I have shown the BIMx Docs tool to contractors in the field – they love it and are ready to buy. To say they are blown away is an understatement – we have saved so much time and money just by employing this affordable application.”

Adler takes his iPad with a BIMx Docs file to meetings before city officials who need to review plans for their permitting processes. Even when last minute changes come in – they can be implemented and submitted in minutes – where they might have taken days before the advent of the application.

KA DesignWorks ArchiCAD“Riverstone was to start printing the permit set at 11am. The owner came to me fifteen minutes later with changes. So I called the folks at Riverstone and put a hold on the process. After a quick meeting with the owner – thirty minutes or so later, we got those changes into the model, sent it back to Riverstone and they implemented them immediately. That whole back and forth used to mean days added to the project timeline. This took a matter of maybe an hour and a half when it was all said and done. The time savings are almost mind-blowing.”

Permitting processes are also tricky in that when changes are made, one may miss deadlines, get push back from the person reviewing the project… the faster and more clearly Adler can present a project for approval, the better – not only for his time savings, but for the viability of the project itself.


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