ArchiCAD 16 powered the design of the Shadetree Apartment complex located in the heart of South Carolina’s Johns Island. Morelli Clinard Residential Designs (MCRD) managed the design of the complex, made up of more than 136 units of one, two and three bedroom apartments by taking full advantage of the module feature in ArchiCAD.

ArchiCAD BIM MCRD“With a project of this size, updating one wall throughout the entire building can be tedious and time-consuming. By maximizing our productivity with ArchiCAD, we save time and of course, money for our client.”

The project is currently under construction with a summer 2015 completion date. The firm has experience designing and managing multi-unit residences through the module feature in ArchiCAD. On a recent town home project in Charlotte, NC the team worked on a 107 unit complex that involved eight different designs within the building. Once again being able to update a large project with single edits proved valuable.

ShadeTree006“There were 18 sets of plans on the townhome project, just updating each module gave us an advantage in terms of time management.”

The firm keeps its staff busy, but no one is chained to his desk, thanks to the Teamwork feature of ArchiCAD.

“We run Teamwork on every project. It is a no-brainer for us. It helps us work with firms around Raleigh and for our staffers who need to work from home. It is perhaps one of the most valuable features in the software. We feel it is an aspect of ArchiCAD that every firm should consider employing.”

ShadeTree002Design freedom is another big plus for the team at MCRD. ArchiCAD supported the team’s efforts to create a site plan in 3D that can produce accurate, reliable construction documents. Fast turnarounds and tight deadlines present no problem as the team is able to work nimbly and efficiently in ArchiCAD, even in case where they are asked to work with files other than those created in ArchiCAD.

“On a 136 unit complex, made up of 11 buildings, we worked with a developer who used Autocad. We bring them into ArchiCAD, discover errors through the trace reference tool and create the site plan in 3D. When you have only three or four months to complete the entire project, this is of immeasurable importance.”

MCRD has made good use of BIMx presentation app to help their clients understand design concepts and options.

“Having the ability to take our model, which provides necessary construction documents already, and produce a slick and easy to understand presentation helps us communicate design intent for our clients. Our use of ArchiCAD is one of our sharpest tools in the toolbox.”



  1. Bradley Madison

    Great use of the software. Archicad maximizes the effeciency of repetitive project features using modules. Makes changes simpliar and keeps overall file size small. Great work!!!!

  2. janis

    It really is good exept for terrain modelling – it still takes a lot of time to put togeather 3d model from simple .dwg topo…


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