Seville Cathedral Renovation

Juliette Walckenaer, a construction engineer from Spain, created a graphic representation showing the replacement of the Seville Cathedral pillars for her final project at the University of Seville.

In the clip, you can hear in Ms. Walckenaer’s flawless Spanish (don’t worry, it has subtitles!) – how she considers ArchiCAD a perfect software to work on a renovation project. In her words: she couldn’t allow herself to graduate without learning the method of replacing the pillars in the Seville Cathedral.

Her project inspired University administrators to offer a 300-hour ArchiCAD training course for its students.

Watch the full animation in the clip below:



  1. Grietje

    This is fantastic – having just visited the Cathedral, and seeing the ‘mould’ I wanted to know how the pillars were ‘done’.
    This explains it beautifully.
    Thank-you so much.

  2. Cody Fox

    Very informative. Thanks for sharing.


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