Start Monday Morning the Right Way

So I’ve got a plan…

Check BIM Engine on Monday mornings for a new column I’m calling Monday Answers.

What may you ask is this column? Well it’s an opportunity for me to step outside my regular posts and answer any sort of ArchiCAD related question you have. So e-mail me your questions or, better yet, post them as a comment in any of the Monday Answers posts and I’ll do my best to answer them. The intent is to keep these answers fast and informal. Perhaps some of the questions/answers will spawn deeper follow up posts. We’ll see. I’ll aim to do this weekly, but before we all write that in stone, let’s see how this goes. And I’ve got two weeks of visiting family and traveling back to Minnesota at the end of August (which starts today), so the real fun will start after that. Maybe if some of the questions are quick answers, I’ll be able to answer a few questions in one post. No question is too big or too small. Okay there are probably questions that are too big, but I’m up for a challenge. I’ll do some research or find someone with the right knowledge. Or perhaps I’ll just ask the person in charge of BIM Engine to delete the really tough questions, so I don’t embarrass myself! No. I won’t do that. No risk, no reward, right?

disclaimer: Sometimes Monday should be read as Tuesday and morning should be pronounced afternoon. Holidays, vacations, etc. have a knack for interfering with posting schedules. Though I’m no stranger to keeping on task.

Here’s a question from a recent e-mail:

So, anyway, my question is regarding naming drawing titles in a layout. Now, I know know that, by default, the name links back to whatever it’s source is called in the project map, or that it can be set to a custom name. I’m wondering if there is some way to link that name to an object, say… a zone name? Suggestions? Thanks, Andy

Linking interior elevations to zones is super easy…

ArchiCAD Link Interior Elevations to ZonesIf you’re using the Interior Elevation Tool, select the marker on the plan, go to settings, and under name select the autotext for Zone Name & Elevation Orientation. Two things to note: this should be done in the main marker in the project map, not the individual views, and the zone is pulled by the extents of the interior elevation. So if the marker touches two zones or misses the one you’re in, then it will show both or none. In that case I’ll sometimes manually override that view, do some tricky shapes with the zones, or play with the extents of the interior elevation.

ArchiCAD Autotext OptionsIf you’re not using the interior elevation marker, or can’t, then the names have to be input manually. If you have to do it manually, add names in the Project Map, not in the View Map. This way you’ll have consistency across the Project Map, View Map, and Layout Book. Also if a project has a mix of interior elevations using the Interior Elevation Tool and the Elevation Tool, make sure the names of the Elevation Tool views (which have to be manual) match the case and style of the automatic Interior Elevation Tool. So if you are using Elevation Orientation and Zone Name, the automatic text for the east elevation of the kitchen zone will read: East KITCHEN. It’s a little different than you might be used to. BUT… I think it’s a fine title. And most importantly, by following the logic of ArchiCAD you’ll get both consistency and speed.

One final note, once you set up an interior elevation with this autotext set up (and of course with correct layers, pens, etc.), make sure to save it as a Favorite. Then (assuming you use this favorite) every time you place a new interior elevation in a Zone, all your interior elevations will already be properly named. Or about 95% of them will.

Who else is using this technique? I’m sure there’s more to add. Share your addition thoughts and advice in the comments below.

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