A Man, a Plan, an ArchiCAD 16 Box

Thinking-inside-the-BoxOne of the guys at Graphisoft North America had some time on his hands recently while being snowed in by Super Storm Nemo. This is the result:

While the images speak for themselves, here’s the back story

Everyone in the GRAPHISOFT North America office wanted to be able to listen to some good music while working. Someone had a pair of nice speakers, but no amplifier to power them. Yanni, being a technical sort of guy, decided to order online an amplifier on a printed circuit board and wire everything up himself (as an aside, if you run into Yanni at a trade show, ask him about using ArchiCAD to do wiring diagrams). The technical part of this was quite easy, but the team needed an enclosure for their homemade amplifier. After initially considering an Altoids box, a broken Maxtor external hard drive, a coffee can, and various cardboard boxes, they realized the solution was staring them in the face. Literally. At everyone’s desk was at least one ArchiCAD 16 Doc Set. The result could not have been more perfect:

Upgraded-ArchiCAD-16-BoxIf you’re so inclined, here’s the specs to build one yourself:


  • Class-D audio amplifier based on authentic TA2024 from Tripath
  • Streamlined aluminum alloy housing helps remove heat and makes it more durable
  • High-quality digital volume control IC ensures long time use and perfect sound output
  • High input sensitivity
  • 0.1% THD+N @ 6W,8?
  • 10W @ 8?, 10% THD+N
  • 90% @ 10W, 8?
  • PCB standoffs = 1 1/2″ drywall screws

Power Supply:

  • 9V 2A from spare parts bin


  • Stereo Input 2 RCA on the PCB
  • VCC plug on the PCB
  • 2 set banana female connectors from eBay


  • ArchiCAD 16 Standard Doc Set
  • Contents (sleeve, Collaboration Guide, Getting Started, DVD Sleeve) = thrown away
  • Codemeter key, still used
  • drilled for appropriate holes, glue gun for attaching the PSU
  • iMac 24″ iTunes
  • Cable RCA to 3.5mm stereo

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