STUDIOEA-747-LARGE--10David Hertz Architects Inc, Studio of Environmental Architecture (SEA) is a boutique, design oriented firm made up of roughly fifteen architects. His practice is dedicated to design of green and sustainable buildings. As an early adopter of ArchiCAD as a design tool, it comes as no surprise that the team is model oriented, approaching projects from a visualization standpoint.

SEA as a company employs innovative and unusual materials to achieve environmentally conscious design. Work by SEA includes custom residential projects that are visually interesting and definitely outside the norm.

SEA-wingOne such project involved the compelling use of the wings of a 747 aircraft to create a house. “We use ArchiCAD for numerous innovative projects. The wing house was probably the most unique of late.”

The components of the plane were challenging to use since the trimming of the walls and windows as they intersected was, at the time, not a standard operation in the model. As the firm evolved, using each iteration of ArchiCAD from version 8 to version 16, the team found ways to capitalize on their expertise with ArchiCAD with each new version, improving workflow.

“The most significant workflow enhancement happened for us between version 9 and 10. The back and forth between individual project managers became extremely efficient.”

14MainRes-ElevThe firm deals with high end custom jobs and large commercial projects as well. No matter what the size of the project, David believes the ability to model in 3D and have the entire project visualized removes any disconnect between the client and the designer.

“There is no better way to describe the selling point that 3D is. With ArchiCAD you have the added tool of BIMx, which literally makes your renderings come alive.”

SEA has created renderings that serve to help clients move a project forward on a community level; photo montages provide a realistic portrayal of how the building will fit in a particular location, facilitating developers to get the green light for a project.

STUDIOEA-747-LARGE--79In situations where SEA has to collaborate with another company that is operating a different BIM software, ArchiCAD allows them to work seamlessly.

“It has never mattered in my experience when we’re dealing with someone using anything other than ArchiCAD. All those other programs are trying to be ArchiCAD in my opinion, since ArchiCAD is the first and only true BIM software. Making the investment into ArchiCAD, as far as realizing the coordination of construction data into the model, the collaboration of that data with other programs, has allowed us to be more productive on more projects.”


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  1. Mia Levy

    BIM Equity Blog: ArchiCAD is also for contractors 2013-02-22 CG Jensen is one of Denmark medium-sized construction companies. They use ArchiCAD as part of the design of their projects, which include include preparation of manufacturing drawings on large construction projects.


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