Harvey Weber of Weber & Associates has been using ArchiCAD for over two decades now (ever since version 4.5). As a sole proprietor, Weber has managed to design and complete projects ranging from custom residential homes and large apartment buildings to corporate headquarters office interiors ranging in value up to $90 million. ArchiCAD has been a supporting factor in the success of all of those projects.

“3D Modeling in ArchiCAD was always extremely important for the firm in terms of designing and demonstrating the home’s plan to the client. The justification for using BIM has been a no-brainer almost since the very beginning.”

Weber is currently working with a client on a downtown property in Greenwich, CT. It is a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse building located within a retail strip of property. The client wants to re-purpose the property and build a high end retail location and has contracted Weber to create an online proposal of sorts, demonstrating the way the proposed new Morgan Retail building would nestle in on the street and blend in with the fabric of the town.

“Our plans are to knock down the building and get zoning approval – when I created the model and animated the BIMx file – the client was blown away. I used the morph tool to combine an existing building on the corner into the model. This was of great value when proposing to the zoning board, not to mention prospective tenants as well.”

The project is currently at the end of the preliminary design phase which began in early 2011. The Town of Greenwich zoning board and architectural review board final decisions are still being processed. Weber says once those are received, the team will be ready to create construction documents – because the model is already complete. [Because the grade changes from an elevation of 42 ft. on the high side down to only 16 ft. on the low side, the challenge of coming up with good floor plans is a very 3 dimensional one.

ArchiCAD 17Weber has also just completed the design of a new high end 6,000 sq. ft. home that is currently in the building phase in Fairfield, CT using ArchiCAD 17. His use of BIMx assisted him to communicate 3 dimensional design ideas to his client.

The house has a unique floor plan. The client wanted the house to have a turret in one corner and several upper floor balconies to take advantage of wonderful views around the exterior of the home. A standing seam copper roof was used over the front porch to create a feeling of quality and substance and to differentiate it from the cedar shakes that will be used up on the main house roof.  The back and forth process he went through with his client was simplified by the use of BIMx.

“I loaded the model onto my iPhone, which gave us a means to email the model to the client. They could spin it around, work with it and really become comfortable with the design concepts”

Note from the editor:

BIM Engine by ArchiCAD Blog readers can download the BIMx files Harvey Weber used. For the Sharp residence by click here and for the Morgan Retail Building click here


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