In an effort to make geometric design easier for architects, the Curtain Wall Tool now supports more accurate design, and maintains a closer adherence to local requirements for documenting and listing.

The overhaul of this tool in ARCHICAD 22 will also make it even easier to use, with the following new features and modifications to assist the design workflow:

  • Algorithmic control in Scheme and Pattern design modes
  • Custom pattern design has been made fast via the Pattern Definition Box and the ability to fine-tune the pattern at panel and frame level
  • More intuitive schematic design, with the ability to define Fixed Size, number of Divisions and Best Division logic, separately for Rows and Columns
  • Ability to create any number of frame/panel classes and use them at Pattern level
  • ­Redevelopment of Curtain Wall-specific default library parts (including frames, panels, doors, windows, accessories), to include new options for Level of Detail
  • Ability to use Profiles (defined in the Profile Manager) for the Curtain Wall Frame and Cap, and as the perimeter extrusion of a panel
  • Ability to define a Composite infill for a panel.

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