This new function in ARCHICAD 22 let users define any Calculation Rule as an Element Property Value and update it automatically, without time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

The Property Value definition is based on user-defined expressions, composed using simple data fields. The expression can include built-in or custom ARCHICAD Properties and Parameters, global settings and Project Info fields as building blocks, governed by arithmetic, logical and text handling operations – very similar to functions in standard spreadsheet programs. 

With this technology, user can perform any model-based custom calculation or data processing of numeric, text or Boolean Property Types. That means you can easily count furniture, millwork and casework assemblies.

The result can be used in ARCHICAD for tagging or filtering elements, and presented in any graphical, tabular or model output. Moreover, the property values that form a valid URL will become a live URL hyperlink in the Interactive Schedule, providing a quick way to access any connected data.

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