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“[ARCHICAD is] Undoubtedly the best design tool available to architects today”

AOME Architects

“[ARCHICAD] has given my office an edge… We have been able to take on more projects and increase profits.”

Mittmann Architect

“[Using ARCHICAD] has changed my life… My productivity is perhaps 3x what it was, with a fraction of the stress. “

Green Design Build LLC

ARCHICAD by the Beach with BIM6x

BIM6x has put together a very unique destination training event for ARCHICAD users – travel to beautiful Cabo San Lucas for an in-depth learning session that will improve your skills and help you network with successful ARCHICAD firms.

Reimagine 2019 Round Up

Reimagine 2019 was a whirlwind of guest presentations and software deomonstrations held in Las Vegas. If you didn’t get to attend the event, you can still check out some of the video recordings here!

Announcing ARCHICAD 23 – BIM in an Instant

Announcing the next version of ARCHICAD its award-winning BIM software solution. ARCHICAD 22 improves the architectural design and documentation workflow for building façades. In addition, ARCHICAD 22 introduces significant improvements to its construction modeling, information management and 2D performance.

2019 AIAS Midwest Quad Conference

2019 Midwest Quad Conference April 11, 2019 - April 14, 2019 GRAPHISOFT is proud to be supporting the AIAS Midwest Quad Conference this year in Lexington, Kentucky! During this event, students and...

Students: Brand Yourself with BIMx

BIMx Presenter’s animated project views run in slideshow mode to give you the opportunity to engage with your audience and articulate the ideas behind your work. It makes design presentations a walk...

Building the Future with BIM

GRAPHISOFT North America recently hosted the first-ever Emerging Professionals Networking Event at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). Aside from it showing our continued...

Episode 1: The State of Architecture

The patronage model of architecture is being challenged. No longer satisfied with trying to meet budget and time constraints after a client purchases a property, architects are moving upstream in the process. Going beyond notions like “design-build” to take control of bids, land decisions, and even becoming developers in their own right.

Is this the future of architecture, or a momentary trend? To find out, By Design travelled to two young firms on the edge of this new movement.



Inside the Episode

Through rapid-fire prototyping and unique forms of design improvisation, residential firm Laney LA and NYC-based commercial practice KURV are unlocking the potential for architects to fully evaluate and cost a project before the land is even bought.



By Design Season 1: The State of Architecture

Through rapid-fire prototyping and unique forms of design improvisation, residential firm Laney LA and NYC-based commercial practice KURV are unlocking the potential for architects to fully evaluate and cost a project before the land is even bought.

Episode 4: Breaking Ground

Decades of statistics show that women are entering accredited architectural programs at an ever increasing rate. Yet recent AIA surveys indicate that females still make up less than one-third of architectural staff, and only 21% of principals and partners. Given this, it’s no surprise that over 70% of female students and professionals believe that women are underrepresented in the industry.

With a new generation of women preparing to enter the field in even larger numbers, how much progress toward equality will they find, and what changes are likely to shape them? By Design went to Washington DC to hold a frank conversation with two architects breaking new ground in every sense.





Inside the Episode

For nearly 40 years, Olvia Demetriou has blazed her own trail as an independent architect and entrepreneur. The daughter of a successful urban planner, Olvia set out at the age of 17 to follow her passion for architecture, and gain the experience necessary for her to build a solo career on her own terms.

One of only six women in her graduating class, Olvia gave up the familiarity of a family firm to start her own practice at a time when having a man’s name on the masthead was deemed a necessity. Through her own brilliance and business acumen, Olvia rose to become one of the nation’s most sought-after restaurant and hospitality architects, with appointment as an AIA Fellow in 2000.

In 2011, Olvia merged her company to form HapstakDemetriou+, where she continues to lead her own teams in the creation of evocative, trend-setting projects. Her story is not only a view into how far the industry has come, but the type of courage and confidence that remains critical for women to succeed.

Across town, Allison Cooke represents the major strides female professionals are making within the traditional firm environment.

An interior designer who recognized how a grounding in architecture can deliver more creativity and project control, Allison sought out the cross-team collaboration of CORE architecture + design to reorient her career while on the job. Establishing retail and hospitality as her focus, Allison gained increasing client recognition first on a regional stage, then a national one as her ability to innovate and create spaces from the inside out blossomed.

After proving her capabilities as an effective manager and business executive, Allison recently became the first female partner in the firm’s history, as well as the youngest. Her insights are required reading for all who want to follow in her footsteps.

Watch the episode to hear the candid thoughts of these pioneering figures:


By Design Season 1: Breaking Ground

With recent studies showing that females still make up less than one-third of architectural staff, and only 21% of principals and partners; we take a look at the new generation of women preparing to enter the field and the changes are likely to shape them.

Episode 3: Pacific Rising

Architecture and technology have always influenced each other. On the West Coast, a more profound relationship is happening. From Silicon Valley to Seattle, the tech economy is creating an unparalleled boom in architectural projects. Where Lautner and Neutra once reigned, a new generation of architects are pairing with tech-fueled clients to explore daring ideas in innovation and freedom, often made possible by the very technologies those clients create.

Is this merely a continuation of West Coast idealism, or the source of a global architectural movement? By Design traveled the Pacific coast to explore two firms at this new intersection of digital and design.


Inside the Episode

Born from a love of architecture as an exploration of story and abstraction, San Francisco-based Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects (OPA) draws its inspiration from the mathematics and physics that power the tech revolution all around them.

Through a unique combination of intellectual curiosity and technological fascination, OPA utilize every digital tool at their disposal to experiment with narratives that push the boundaries of shape, structure and materiality. For the firm and its tech clients, every project is a new chance to relentlessly challenge convention — and create new forms of individuality rooted in the California dream.

800 miles to the north, Seattle’s CAST Architecture is at the center of a digital economy rivaling Silicon Valley in size and stature.

Rather than use technology to subvert the system, CAST capitalize on cutting-edge tools to further the Pacific Northwest passion for tectonics, natural elements and indoor/outdoor environmental harmony. In doing so, it is not only appealing to a different type of tech clientele, but bravely testing new ideas of how technological progress and timeless nature can peacefully coexist in urban spaces.

Watch the episode to get a view of West Coast architecture from an entirely different perspective. Then follow us on social media to enjoy bonus content that will take you inside the studios of each firm and the technologies they employ.


By Design Season 1: Pacific Rising

From Silicon Valley to Seattle, the tech economy is creating an unparalleled boom in architectural projects; providing architects with tech-fueled clients to explore daring ideas in innovation and freedom, often made possible by the very technologies those clients create.

Episode 2: The New Urbanism

The migration back to inner cities is creating huge economic benefits, but also major challenges around diversity and marginalization. Increasingly, architects are finding themselves on the front lines of the debate, and are being asked to deploy new methods of engagement and partnership to make urban transformation work for everyone.

Is this a new age of architect as ethical city builder, or a societal issue best left to others to solve? That’s the question By Design posed to two firms at the leading edge of city planning and development.



Inside the Episode

Not content with the traditional lines between private and public sector, Chicago architects Landon Bone Baker (LBB) and Toronto-based planning firm Urban Strategies are driving entirely new models of cooperation based on mutual civic as well as economic benefit.

Drawing upon their training under public housing pioneer Harry Weese, LBB is reshaping inner Chicago by giving local residents a dominant role in how their neighborhoods are updated and new constituencies introduced. Working together to not only create new buildings, but transformative ideas in workplace housing, education, elder care and community services that lift opportunity for all.

Realizing that the diversity of cities is their greatest competitive advantage, Urban Strategies is using their planning role to link government, community and developers in common cause. By replacing the imposition of change with open dialog and development of joint goals, their visionary work is helping cities create a future that strengthens rather than divides their unique cultural fabric.

Watch the episode to explore how their work is making a difference, and the lessons it holds for architects worldwide. Then follow us on social media to go behind the scenes and inside their studios via exclusive bonus content.

By Design Season 1: The New Urbanism

In this episode, we explore inner city spaces and the architects’ challenge to make urban transformation work for everyone.

A Decade of BIM is Just the Beginning

GRAPHISOFT would like to congratulate the firm of Ordiz Melby Architects (OMA) on their silver anniversary. For the past 25 years this firm has excelled in educational, commercial and healthcare projects and is now the largest firm in Kern County, California.

From the beginning of his career, Peter Landon, FAIA, has had the community in mind – engaging on a one-to-one level that brings neighborhood-specific solutions to life. That legacy has continued since the 70s and has received numerous awards and accolades. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he will be recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from AIA Chicago’s Board of Directors.

For more than four decades, Landon served as “an advocate for excellence and equity in design, particularly in under-resourced communities”. GRAPHISOFT had the distinct honor to profile his firm and the work at Landon Bone Baker Architects (LBBA) in our first season of By Design, our award-winning digital series on the present and future of architecture. Peter and the LBBA team were featured
in our acclaimed second episode, titled "The New Urbanism". In the clip below, Peter Landon and Jeff Bone speak with passion and humility about what motivates them to remain committed to bringing good design to community-based housing.

Prepare to be inspired.

LBBA works firmly grounded in the beliefs that good design is for everyone and that architects play an essential role in making that happen for the community. Working from a core relationship with advocates so that they best address the needs of diverse residents and neighbors, LBBA strives to “…recognize and respect the value of our diversity...”

The entire team at GRAPHISOFT would like to congratulate Peter Landon for his receiving this distinct honor. Landon will receive the award on October 26 at Designight 2018, celebrating Chicago’s architectural community and the 2018 recipients of the Design Excellence Awards.

Congratulations to Peter Landon of Landon Bone Baker

AIA Chicago’s Board of Directors has selected Peter Landon, FAIA to receive the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Up Studio

In 2018 The Up Studio started trialing ARCHICAD – after just 1 month they knew it was the right BIM software for their practice.

ARCHICAD 22 Wins Best of Show Award

ARCHICAD 22 wins Best of Show, A18 for BIM “The fluidity and elegance that ARCHICAD 22 implemented in the curtain wall toolset was very impressive. The deepening connection to core BIM element tool chains to the leading algorithmic design software is just the most visible achievement but lurking behind the surface is continued leading edge programming skills with the integration of ‘machine learning’ into ARCHICAD 22 for the benefit of the user.”

Discover how to create stunning renderings that transition into VR seamlessly using ARCHICAD and Twinmotion.

During this webinar recording, participants will learn:

  • New features of ARCHICAD 22
  • The ARCHICAD and Twinmotion connection
  • Simple modeling techniques for designing in 3D
  • Rendering and visualization techniques
  • Move projects into VR presentations

Three Clicks to Immersive VR Webinar Recording

In this webinar recording, you’ll discover how to enhance your project renderings and unlock the power of Virtual Reality for stunning presentations.

Why are My Library Parts Missing?

In ARCHICAD, you can store objects and textures inside the project (so called Embedded Library) or in external locations (so called Linked library). To check and manage the project libraries use the Library Manager.

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