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“[ARCHICAD is] Undoubtedly the best design tool available to architects today”

AOME Architects

“[ARCHICAD] has given my office an edge… We have been able to take on more projects and increase profits.”

Mittmann Architect

“[Using ARCHICAD] has changed my life… My productivity is perhaps 3x what it was, with a fraction of the stress. “

Green Design Build LLC

Static Thoughts – Part 3

Other Thoughts This is the third part in my series on Static Thoughts. I'm not looking to be all encompassing and comprehensive. Instead I want to spur your imagination into the different functions... + manuBIM

In early September we got our first Wish Upon an Object from Now just a few weeks later comes the next installment: Ceiling Editor US Once again we get a wonderfully built object...

Static Thoughts – Part 2

In Part 1 of this post from earlier in the week, I talked about the propagation of changes in an ArchiCAD model (for good and ill). I shared some thoughts on both preventions and cures. I now want...

Static Thoughts – Part 1

Everything is linked! Changes made in plans propagate to sections, elevations, schedules, and 3D views! It's all coordinated. This is the world we live in when we use ArchiCAD. And it's great. But...

Missing and Lost, but Not Gone Forever

This has happened to all of us. You add a new object or make a change and then the element is gone. You know you didn’t delete it. But it’s gone. It’s not time to panic. It’s time to think… okay “It...

Quick Tip: Element vs Object

Here's a quick test. Which is correct: A) "Hi boss, check out this BIM model I've been working on!" or B) "Hey boss, here's that BIM you were asking for." The answer is B. It's not a Building...

Download ArchiCAD 16 Trial

ArchiCAD 16, the software voted Best in Show by Architosh magazine has begun shipping! That's good news for you because beginning Tuesday, July 10th a trial version of ArchiCAD 16 will be available...

Announcing ArchiCAD 16

GRAPHISOFT is announcing the latest version of premium BIM design software for architects, ArchiCAD 16. ArchiCAD 16 will be released on May 30, 2012, with shipment to customers beginning within a...

Why Choose ArchiCAD BIM?

Kurt Ameringer was interviewed while on the show floor at GreenBuild Toronto - he spoke about some key points to consider when deciding to switch to a BIM method for designing, constructing and...

Align View – Creative Imaging in ArchiCAD

The Align View Function in Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD, allows you the architect to offer value to your clients. When designing an addition or renovation to an existing building, it is valuable to see and...

IFC Made Easy

Because more firms are embracing BIM as the preferred design tool, questions are arising about how to work together more efficiently. As the old standards of DWG and PDF exchange are slowly fading away, BIM offers a better exchange of information allowing the exchange of intelligent 3D data. This is obviously more valuable as the data is being used for things such as energy analysis and facilities management. So what is the best way to exchange this data with the people you work with? The new standard is evolving around IFCs.