archiCADmonkey is Not Monkeying Around

The phrase, “monkey see, monkey do”, implies a lack of intellect on the part of the second monkey, since any actions are simply a reaction to what the other monkey does.

In the case of archiCADmonkey, though, reacting to or basing actions on what Apollo Spiliotis does would show a good amount of intellect. Spiliotis has studied CAD throughout his career. While he considers himself far from an expert – he recognizes having skill at absorbing various software programs quickly and transferring that knowledge to his work.

In seven short years, Spiliotis has racked up experience working on a variety of architectural, 3D visual and photo-manipulation software. He passes on this knowledge as a private instructor and later as an external tutor at Manchester University

The archiCADmonkey blog features an engaging mix  of  how to’s, best practices, tutorials and a regular podcast.

Check it out, no banana required.

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  1. Scott

    I agree. Keep up the good work!


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