Episode 3: Pacific Rising

Architecture and technology have always influenced each other. On the West Coast, a more profound relationship is happening. From Silicon Valley to Seattle, the tech economy is creating an unparalleled boom in architectural projects. Where Lautner and Neutra once reigned, a new generation of architects are pairing with tech-fueled clients to explore daring ideas in innovation and freedom, often made possible by the very technologies those clients create.

Is this merely a continuation of West Coast idealism, or the source of a global architectural movement? By Design traveled the Pacific coast to explore two firms at this new intersection of digital and design.


Inside the Episode

Born from a love of architecture as an exploration of story and abstraction, San Francisco-based Ogrydziak Prillinger Architects (OPA) draws its inspiration from the mathematics and physics that power the tech revolution all around them.

Through a unique combination of intellectual curiosity and technological fascination, OPA utilize every digital tool at their disposal to experiment with narratives that push the boundaries of shape, structure and materiality. For the firm and its tech clients, every project is a new chance to relentlessly challenge convention — and create new forms of individuality rooted in the California dream.

800 miles to the north, Seattle’s CAST Architecture is at the center of a digital economy rivaling Silicon Valley in size and stature.

Rather than use technology to subvert the system, CAST capitalize on cutting-edge tools to further the Pacific Northwest passion for tectonics, natural elements and indoor/outdoor environmental harmony. In doing so, it is not only appealing to a different type of tech clientele, but bravely testing new ideas of how technological progress and timeless nature can peacefully coexist in urban spaces.

Watch the episode to get a view of West Coast architecture from an entirely different perspective. Then follow us on social media to enjoy bonus content that will take you inside the studios of each firm and the technologies they employ.


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