The third season of “By Design”, GRAPHISOFT’s multi-award-winning digital content series led viewers on a path of discovery by profiling architects, contractors and AEC partners who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and collaboration via BIM and other leading-edge technologies. By Design: Metamorphosis, takes an unflinching look at the fear many firms have when it comes to technology change, and what it takes to unlock their true potential. To collect these powerful stories, GRAPHISOFT North America sent production crews to firms in three countries and seven U.S. cities to speak to architects and contracting firms at every stage of technology transition and adoption. Viewers will discover how they use ARCHICAD to employ methods that support their creative freedom and develop bold new ways to share their vision with teams and clients.

In Manila, Philippines, AIDEA leads as a pioneer – unlocking the possibilities of automation through direct internal collaboration and invention between architects and technology experts. In California, KAA Design Group focuses on creating and maintaining the right culture, vision and process to stay at the forefront of industry and keep pace with technology change. Also in the Golden State, Ian Birchall and Associates overcame a deeply rooted resistance to change and is now embracing the adoption of BIM – leading in the field.

Down in Texas, JHP addressed how the right internal mindset can make BIM implementation and technology change inclusive, efficient and successful for all. With multiple locations in the United States, Yates Construction saw early on how Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) creates seismic industry change and chose to push the doors of technology and possibility wide open for contractors and their business. Miami, FL-based Revuelta tapped into their ambition to be bigger than they were and used BIM to shift internal attitudes toward change. Their work reaches incredible new heights in building design, scale and impact. The dog-eat-dog environment in New York City is where Up Studio went to the next level. This young firm overcame their fear of technology change and identified BIM as the ideal platform for faster, sustainable creative and business growth.

Continuing to our neighbor in the north, Edmonton, Canada-based Manasc Isaac adopted the fast pace of technological change, while keeping their core values and beliefs as a firm intact. In the windy city of Chicago, Pappageorge Haymes Partners took a practical approach by adopting BIM early on. Their insight into a decades-ago decision, and why they know firms who don’t follow their lead now risk becoming extinct will have you thinking. By watching the entire third season, you’ll see how each firm brings a unique story to the series, yet share a common vision to produce high quality work in an efficient and advanced way, making the most of what their chosen technology offers.

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