GRAPHISOFT has made the first season of By Design available on our YouTube channel, which can be found here

Whether you take in a two-minute clip at a time, binge a whole episode or watch the entire season from start to finish – By Design: Season 1 presents  stories from firms using ARCHICAD in inspiring and innovative ways.

We examine how architects can take a seat at the developer’s table – when land use is being evaluated – by using their vision and the technology in ARCHICAD to create feasibility studies or make sure a project works in a given space. The way this happens may surprise you in “The State of Architecture”.

By Design also tackles the subject of subsidized or affordable  housing by examining ways architects and urban planners can capitalize on ARCHICAD to treat it the same as they would any other housing. The role of community building takes center stage in this segment called “The New Urbanism”.

How creativity takes shape and a designed space becomes real for an architect can be an extremely unique process. What influences that creative drive and what are the best ways to bring it to life? Find out how software plays a part in that evolution when you watch “Pacific Rising”.

There are more women making architecture a career than ever before. They have come a long way, but have some more territory to claim. What cannot be argued is female architects today are making things happen – see how they’re breaking through in “Breaking Ground”.

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