This article contains a lot of IFC Mapping videos. If you include the two I link to at the end of the introduction and add the time it will take to read the linked articles, what follows is easily about an hour of your time. Or more if you start chasing links deeper. But if you are interested in pushing the limits of what you can do with BIM, then you need to tackle all this material. And so do all your coworkers because you’ll all need to buy into what is proposed.

Nothing that follows is that complicated. It’s just probably outside your comfort zone. So here’s what I think you should do:

Gather your coworkers and watch all these videos over lunch. Or on a Friday afternoon as part of a much deserved happy hour. After watching everything discuss how you can best take advantage of what you learned. Are you all most interested in how IFC Mapping improves coordination of traditional documentation, how it integrates with the new features of the Label Tool, how it makes data exchange (like COBie) easier, how it improves the utility of Interactive Schedules, or is there something else that caught your eye?

IFC Mapping Videos, briefly

Why all this fuss about IFC Mapping? IFC Mapping is the key to integrated 1D information. IFC Properties and IFC Mapping are the way you will one day automate all your text and notes. IFC Properties and IFC Mapping allow you to host more data within your elements. Less information is just floating around, unattached. Think back to the days before you did BIM. Do you remember when you couldn’t just click on a window or door or toilet and get all the basic geometric information? When all that wasn’t stored within the Object? This is like that, but for every other bit of information. And it extends beyond the individual user within ArchiCAD to anyone else who needs the data, and who works in an OpenBIM supporting software. IFC properties and IFC Mapping are a perfect example of why BIM is the convergence of 25,000 years of Art History. Seriously. Unlocking what IFC properties and IFC Mapping can do is the way we will maintain relevance in the coming years. I am not kidding. If you don’t do this, you will fall too far behind.

Is that all a bit too much for you? Fortunately these videos (and articles) are amazing and they cover very similar ground (so each will reinforce the previous). They will be joined by more ArchiCAD gurus recording similar videos about IFC Mapping, I am sure of it. I’ll definitely be doing my own video. Currently I’m in the process of recording some more basic videos about IFC. You can watch my first two videos here. They are much shorter than what follows, but they only cover the ultra basics about IFC. So they might be a good place for you to start.

Are you ready?

ArchiCAD 18 New Feature IFC Mapping – Why everyone should embrace it by Nathan Hildebrandt

Warning: around minute 10 your brain will explode. Nathan expands on this video in a post on the Skewed blog. Here it is.

Archicad Summer School Lecture by Tim Ball

Warning: around minute 12 you will see specifications and get very excited.

Video does not exist bond bryan

ArchiCAD 18: Join the IFC and COBie flow – Part 2 – Data mapping by Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson thinks you should read about IFC mapping rather than watch a video. Maybe he’ll join the IFC video flow and record his own video. Maybe not. He’s a busy guy. Anyways, you can click on the image above or this link to read his step by step instructions.

mapping outside surface

Wall Label That References Wall Surface by Laszlo Nagy

Laszlo Nagy is in his native environment writing amazingly helpful posts on the ArchiCAD-Talk forum. He recently wrote a great how-to on using IFC Mapping to be able to automatically label a Wall Surface in any view. Click on the image or here.

ArchiCAD 18 New Features: Data Mapping by Graphisoft and narrated by that familiar soothing voice

Here’s one final video (which is a lie because there’s a bonus video below). It’s one of the new feature videos that Graphisoft recorded. It once again covers similar information, but it also covers that information from a different perspective and touches on things left unmentioned by everyone above.

ArchiCAD 18 New Features: Scheme-Driven Data Management by Graphisoft and narrated…

Okay this is a bonus video. But it’s too good not to include. Think of it as extra credit. But mandatory extra credit. Sorry.

If all those videos and articles didn’t turn you into a believer, didn’t get you excited about what you can do with IFC Mapping, and didn’t teach you something new, don’t worry. There’s even more to discuss and discover. What articles and videos have I missed? Leave a comment below. And then follow Graphisoft North America, Laszlo Nagy, Rob Jackson, and Nathan Hildebrandt  on Twitter so that you don’t miss anything else that’s being discussed in the world of IFC Mapping in ArchiCAD.


  1. Gerald Lock

    Great post as always, but this one has me excited like hearing about CAD for the first time… I’ve had hints about how powerful this is by looking at how Nathan’s S#19 template works, but it’s been very much ‘under the hood’ until now.
    Anyways, as you may already know, the Bond Bryan video link is broken. Any chance you can you re-source it and fix the link? I feel like a chapter of the book is missing…
    Thanks, G

    • Jared Banks

      The Bond Bryan video link is a joke because he hasn’t done one! And I totally agree, IFC mapping is a whole new world of awesomeness.


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