When Inspiration Comes, Squeeze Every Drop Out: with MORPH

When inspiration struck Philippe Starck – he was about to enjoy a delicious plate of calamari – presumably the seafood was going to sustain him as he was stuck developing a new idea for a stainless steel tray. The rather boring assignment from the Italian design house, Alessi, was giving him trouble.

Graphisoft ArchiCADBut when his delicacy arrived to his table he had no lemon to wake up the flavors. That’s when an idea hit and he quickly scribbled a sketch on his napkin, soiled as it was, to capture it. The resulting form is still sold on the Alessi product site and has since earned a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art not to mention, many kitchens.

In the video below, watch how the form of the Juicy Salif – Citrus Squeezer is modeled in ArchiCAD, using ArchiCAD 16’s new MORPH tool. It shows how a very sleek, yet intricate design can be created – so the next time you’re stuck on a project and enjoying some calamari – save your napkins for wiping the lemon juice from your chin and use ArchiCAD 16’s MORPH to let your creative juices flow freely.


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  1. Michael Scarmack, AIA

    This tool promises to be the best tool GS has developed for AC since I began working in an electronic environment in 1984….awaiting the arrival of AC 16 with Morph feature tool.


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