Alexandria, VA-based ALine Architecture, a full-service architecture and interior design firm relies on ARCHICAD to maintain its reputation for design excellence and creative solutions.

The team at ALine recently completed an interior tenant build-out project, “Café Chocolat” using ARCHICAD. During this project ALine assisted the owner with design and permit drawings, interior material selection, bid negotiations, permit facilitation and construction administration services.

“From the initial concept through the permit and construction completion, ARCHICAD provided great tools for us to plan out the space, 3D visualization of space, materials and colors selections, millwork designs, and streamlined efficient communication with all the team members,” explained Anila Angjeli, owner of ALine. “For us as designers, it is so rewarding to see the drawings come to reality.”


 There are productivity benefits to using ARCHICAD for ALine as well. ALine reports the software facilitates and streamlines their capabilities and project management, making it possible for them to produce larger, bigger and better projects.

“ARCHICAD aided our designs and presentation of sections, details, difficult conditions often with stairs and headroom. ARCHICAD also solved file management, and transitions from concepts to CDs, to a fast and easy process. We are able to coordinate the drawings, plans with sections, details, keying, titles, blow-up plans and other references.”

ALine was part of the team that completed the design of a unique restaurant located in the center of Arlington VA’s Clarendon commercial district. In order to make the Wilson Hardware Kitchen & Bar possible, ALine created a complex model, which enabled the graphic clarity of the scope of work from the interior demolition to the full renovation of the space.

 Taking the store in an entirely new direction the program included the addition of a roof deck with bar and pergola, structural wall openings between the two distinct levels of the building, additional accessible bathrooms, patio seating with steel pergola, sound control wall, new kitchen and bar equipment, new lighting, and complete interior design and art installation by Swatchroom.

ALine Architecture worked with the owners, interior designers, MEP & Structural engineers, code officials and historic preservation, creating the design for the roof deck addition, preparing code analysis and permit drawings, and assisting during the construction through final inspections.

 “Our drawings were developed in ARCHICAD which streamlined code analysis and graphic presentation of the building permit plans, sections, and elevations. The existing building is comprised of different spaces consisting of different elevations, such as the main dining area, rear dining room, and patio, future lower level lounge, mezzanine and roof deck on the upper elevation. These levels are worked out to connect with a new steel stair for access & flow, egress, and life safety. ARCHICAD enabled us to model and study the building, identify and resolve the challenging areas from the footprint and headroom perspective. Through ARCHICAD, we could show additional details and sections facilitating the code reviews and the communication with the owners, consultants, and contractors.”

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