Six Months of Work in Two Days

With the AEC industry moving at the fastest pace it has held in the past four decades, and complexity of work continuing to increase – applying technology to more fully integrate and collaborate as well as automate can be a game-changer.

ARCHICAD is fast, it is efficient, and it works with VR seamlessly. Garth Crump, principal of Manasc Isaac, a firm based in Edmonton, Canada currently leading at the forefront of green and sustainable design will share how often he hears clients exclaim “Holy Smokes!” when they are working in ARCHICAD.

Designing in the Room

Architects tend to talk with their hands, ARCHICAD lets you talk on screen. Imagine the impact of reacting to a client’s ideas in 3D as they happen. Spin things around, reposition chairs, change sides of buildings all in ARCHICAD so that when the meeting is over, the client understands the vision because you were able to co-create it. Ron Weber, an associate at Pappageorge Haymes Partners in Chicago – who has spearheaded efforts there to develop strong BIM-centric teams speaks passionately about how ARCHICAD benefits his team.

Watch our Technology Panel

Designing well, creating beautiful buildings as well as boosting revenue and making your firm profitable rank highly among the goals of architects around the world today. What are the most effective tools architects need to achieve those goals? At a recent Technology and Architecture panel, successful architects discussed answers to that very question.
When you watch this panel discussion, recorded live at the prestigious Pritzker Military Museum and Library you will hear inspiring approaches to design, coordination and project management – rooted in BIM and enabled by the design flexibility found in ARCHICAD. Representatives from three firms, Aidea Inc., Manasc Isaac and Pappageorge Haymes Partners candidly explore the way they’ve enhanced collaboration, efficiency and streamlined a path to success.

Why They Switched to ARCHICAD

ARCHICAD opens projects up to unlimited possibilities. It helps you benefit from ground-breaking techniques. When you use ARCHICAD, efficiency, automation, industry leading 3D modeling photo-realism and VR experiences are at your fingertips.

Be inspired by the revolutionary firms who embrace the fascinating things that come from having the right combination of technology and innovation.

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ARCHICAD is the architecture industry’s leading best-in-class Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution. Firms around the world rely on ARCHICAD to support their design process and create error-proof documentation through streamlined workflows.

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