Racine, WI based Genesis Architecture has been using ARCHICAD for decades. The firm has a strong portfolio of custom residential, remodeling and commercial projects.

The choice to use ARCHICAD has paid off as the software evolves and ushers in new mobile and virtual technology features that Genesis Architecture can use. Before BIMx, Genesis would create a printed photo book from renderings of working drawings and provide that to their clients. Having embraced an interactive design process, the process includes encouraging customers to download the BIMx app and give away BIMx Google Cardboard VR readers to view designs.

“Our firm is constantly evolving to take advantage of all that ARCHICAD has to offer,” explains Ken Dahlin, owner of Genesis Architecture. “Our clients remark how impressed they are with what they see in our BIMx presentations. Since many of our homes have complicated designs, the BIMx app improves the level of understanding for our clients. The photo books didn’t let them get inside the model in the same way.”

Dahlin adds that this method for communicating design intent does not take any extra time or money, yet the firm and client receive the added benefits through the design process.


In addition to facilitating the design review process and client interaction, the team at Genesis takes advantage of templates in ARCHICAD to increase productivity and streamline workflow. In the past couple of years Genesis has completely redesigned its template file to increase productivity by establishing a set of options for wall types, sheet layouts, details, notes and more.  Following this template workflow continues to work well even as the team becomes familiar with using the latest version of ARCHICAD 21.

“With this template, we have quickly come to love its ease of use and especially the set of automated notes that we created allowing us to note plans, elevations and more in a fraction of the time.  It also helps us to maintain continuity throughout a set of drawings and even from one set to another. It allows for continuity and better communication with our client. Areas that are structurally complicated can be detailed so that the contractor has a better understanding. Our most recent project is likely the most successful as it is the first project done in our new office ARCHICAD 21 template file and takes advantage of most of what ARCHICAD offers.” 

ARCHICAD assists in remodeling and renovation projects. For example, needing to find a space in the model to run a duct – the model lets them find it in the virtual space first. The team can also work with framers or truss manufacturers to quickly see conflicts. The 3D model allows them to see that portion of the building and quickly see if there are any conflicts with where the proposed beam (or other) is running. Lighting scenarios also present opportunities to take advantage of ARCHICAD.

“We needed to fit some lighting fixtures into very small spaces. Using ARCHIAD we compared the model with lighting specifications and were able to build the portions of the model of scaled (digital) materials and compare with the requirements of the light fixtures we found to come to the desired solution.”


Overall, Genesis sees the benefits of working in ARCHICAD. In working with consultants who are not on the same platform, the occasional snag arises, but Dahlin remains committed.

“Being accurate in the working drawings and in the data set contained in the model requires an investment. ARCHICAD has strategically impacted our practice, by helping us make our clients excited about the process of designing and building their dream home. ARCHICAD helps us to make sure there are no conflicts in the project early on.  Our template file also gives us the options we need to provide more complete information throughout the document set.  ARCHICAD also helps our clients and contractors to envision the design we propose which helps them to get excited about the building process and have a more complete understanding of what we want to achieve, which in turn also helps them to give and receive better estimates of what the building will cost to build.”

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