Whether designing modern interiors, homes or the landscaping that surrounds them, Hawthorne, CA-based Laney LA Inc relies on ARCHICAD to support and grow its business in a variety of ways. ARCHICAD allows the young team to manage as many as forty projects at once. ARCHICAD also supports them as they market successfully completed projects. Rather than printing a formal brochure, Laney LA prefers to take advantage of what they call a fun and effective way to engage prospects, namely BIMx.

“ARCHICAD is present in the way we showcase our work online and interact with potential clients. We use BIMx and the iPad PRO to demonstrate our strengths. We moved away from static print and are essentially opening a dialogue on so many fronts. Builders get to see how the details of a model are at their fingertips, clients get the benefit of seeing multiple iterations and virtual reality. It’s more like a conversation.”

Anthony Laney, AIA NCARB Architect

This “conversation” helps Laney win business and expands to successful additions to the Laney LA staff as well. Job candidates see how the firm embraces new technology and advanced media. The entire team at Laney LA has fully adopted the process.

“We joke a lot about how technologically absorbed we are with ARCHICAD. It’s on our phones, we share models with Uber drivers. The conversation lets us casually share what we’re working on because it is so user-friendly.”

When the firm has a big project, they swarm them with the help of Teamwork, hosted via Amazon web services, which allows multiple members of the team to sign in and move from design to construction documents quickly. There’s also the benefit of having everything stored in the cloud.

My studio could burn down and we would not lose a thing. It doesn’t matter if we are working on a big custom home, a smaller project, a backyard landscape project or a 75,000-square foot commercial project. ARCHICAD scales with the project size and we don’t have to switch to another program.

Anthony Laney

No need to switch programs for rendering needs as ARCHICAD fulfills that need for the team at Laney LA as well. Using Cinema 4D found in ARCHICAD 20 means there’s no need to export the model to another package. Staying in one software from a project’s inception to completion allows the company to stay profitable and efficient.

“We very closely monitor our time on each project. We are always improving our abilities with the software and it is paying off tremendously.”

The payoff includes how ARCHICAD allows Laney LA to expand its range of projects beyond custom residential, landscape and interior design projects into iPhone application design and apps for iOS devices.

“One thing that we’re very excited about is the ability to export a schedule as an excel file, update the file and re-import it and have it update all the library parts. So in the case of say a stove, we can give it to our interior design and pull it back into ARCHICAD. Properties of appliances in the home can be pulled, such as names and numbers into different fields and assigned to a manual cut sheet. We’re saving time over the traditional method of using the 2D to point to the appliance with an abbreviation that coincides to the list, and then access that list outside the software.”

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Laney LA prides itself on designing amazing homes for modern families.

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  1. William Yan

    “One thing that we’re very excited about is the ability to export a schedule as an excel file, update the file and re-import it and have it update all the library parts. ” Can you explain this a bit? It is so cool!!!!


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