The small yet robust team at HH Design made the transition to ARCHICAD from a 2D drafting and 3D modeling workflow at the beginning of 2017. Since making the switch, the team has found efficiencies in their new processes and have discovered the power of GRAPHISOFT’s award-winning presentation app, BIMx. Aaron Leshtz, principal at HH Design, explains how his firm’s workload has grown and how the move to ARCHICAD supports that and even helps them bring in new work.

“We have a long history in retail, commercial and hospitality projects, but the southern California residential market is very hot right now. Since those early days we’ve brought in extra team members to handle the work. We moved over to ARCHICAD to streamline the time-consuming process of designing in one software and drafting in another. Moving away from our previous multi-step workflow to the all-in-one ARCHICAD platform has reduced redundancies and eliminated most of the re-drawing.”

Since making the switch to ARCHICAD, HH Design has committed fully to using as many of ARCHICAD’s features as possible. Making the investment in ARCHICAD went hand in hand with using it to its full potential, including the capacity to market progress projects to potential clients. The HH Design team has been able to attribute their early success with the software to winning some of their most recent projects. Two such projects are in construction now and several more are on the boards.

“Our 3D modeling and visualization services are now a built-in service when we’re pitching for new jobs. We frequently demonstrate the BIMx app with VR and have used it as a marketing strategy. For residential developers, this is a huge benefit, allowing them to market a property to a potential buyer for a spec home during the construction process, prior to completion. The capabilities that both ARCHICAD and BIMx bring to the table help us sell ourselves and help our clients sell their projects.”

HH Design has quickly taken advantage of ARCHICAD and they find the design and production process more cohesive as schematic models quickly progress into construction documents without ever leaving the software. Additionally, client presentations and design meetings can now be made in-app without ever having to print a page.

“ARCHICAD has now allowed us to tap into a vertical workflow that allows our process to be more efficient throughout the life of a project, giving us more time to work on the most important aspect of a project – Design.”

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