Ketchum, Idaho-based Williams | Partners Architects, P.C. (WPA) focuses on high-end residential projects using ARCHICAD as their BIM software of choice. The use of ARCHICAD provides streamlined workflows when consulting with interior designers or structural engineers. Travis Killmer, project manager at WPA considers the numerous benefits of working in ARCHICAD on custom residential projects, even when BIM is not needed.

“The great thing about ARCHICAD is starting from 3D from the beginning. We share our model with consultants on our projects. We often share our drawings with structural engineers, landscape architects, lighting designer’s, electrical engineers, and interior designers. With ARCHICAD we can share numerous drawing types with our consultants. Doing so eliminates any need for them to do extra work, such as re-drawing interior elevations.”

WPA has worked with ARCHICAD using structural engineering firm, Riverstone Structural Concepts – based in Boise, ID. ARCHICAD and BIMx helped WPA take the “Fairways Residence”, a four bedroom five bathroom 6K SQ Ft home into the field on a mobile device. This connectivity adds a significant level of efficiency to any project, according to Killmer.

“Being able to work in the same model as Riverstone is extremely useful. The BIM project delivery method we’ve established with them is powerful. We also use BIMx to share all current drawings and the model with our client as well as the general contractor on site. It has become standard practice for him to use his iPad to flip through the model and see various views.”

Keeping all project team members on the same page and moving forward on high-end projects such as Fairways with a unified overall vision of what the finished product will look like helps tremendously. The design process begins the old-fashioned way, with hand-sketched designs presented to the client. Once arriving at a consensus on direction, the team takes the process into ARCHICAD.

“The project is pretty well figured out by the time I start working in ARCHICAD. Any kinks that crop up get smoothed out quickly. Floor plans, elevations and sections get developed from the hand sketches. We often present projects to the Cities of Sun Valley, Ketchum, and Hailey for design review in addition to Home Owners Associations. Each design review entity has a separate set of drawing requirements which we can manage via ARCHICAD.”

ARCHICAD assists Killmer and the team at Williams | Partners as they move through the project’s timeline. ARCHICAD renderings serve as submissions are made to receive design review and approval from the various HOA’s in the Sun Valley area of Idaho.

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