Started using ARCHICAD

50,000sq ft

Size of largest project


Architecture, Interiors and Brand Design

Based in Long Island City, New York, The Up Studio had been using 2D drawing methods to deliver a range of residential and commercial projects ranging in size from 200sq ft to 50,000sq ft. In 2018, they decided to switch to a new software platform to improve the efficiency of the practice, and so began a trial of ARCHICAD along side several other software products.

In order to carry out true test of the software, the team purchased five ARCHICAD Licenses on Subscription, which allowed staff to try all aspects of the software for a small fee – and no commitment to buy. As subscription licenses provide ‘full’ access to ARCHICAD (not simply a pared-down trial) the team were able to test TeamWork and BIMx functionalities on current projects according to their existing project workflows.

After just one month of testing we knew ARCHICAD was right for us…

John Patrick Winberry

Architect // Partner, The Up Studio

“After just one month of testing we knew ARCHICAD was right for us and we switched to full perpetual licenses as we knew this was a more cost-effective solution in the long-run”, says Architect and Up Studio Partner John Patrick Winberry.

While the team initially purchased Subscription Licenses in order to determine if ARCHICAD was the right software for them, it has also allowed them to “to purchase short-term resources when we get busy – and scale back when we are not-so-busy” says Winberry. “This allows us to have greater control over our finances.”

“We are just at the beginning of our journey, but we are really enjoying seeing how ARCHICAD can make us a more efficient design studio. We want to use these efficiencies to allow us to spend more time evolving our designs”, concludes Winberry.

About The Up Studio

The Up Studio is a boutique Architecture, Interior, and Brand Design studio based in Long Island City, New York. The team prides itself on performance through a multifaceted collaborative design process to reach smart, simple solutions.

For more information visit www.theupstudio.com