Take a moment to see how BIM Consultant Stephan Langella uses IFC, Open BIM and ARCHICAD to help teams deliver large-scale projects including the award-winning Queen’s Wharf in Brisbane.

In this online presentation, Stephan: 

  • Shares the techniques he uses when working on large projects
  • Explains how and why he breaks projects down into 3 key parts that are the same across all industries
  • Demonstrates how to create repeating room layouts which can integrate back into a larger model (for example, hospital or hotel rooms)
  • Highlights some of the objections he faces when working with non-IFC vendors or multi-platform projects
  • Discusses other technologies to help manage large-scale projects, including Solibri for change management as well as clash and deficiency detection.

About Stephan Langella

Stephan Langella, principal of Langella Consulting, has been involved with BIM in many ways for nearly three decades. Stephan is passionate about the need for BIM and the value it brings to the construction industry, and now provides strategic advice to firms on the most efficient ways to produce BIM deliverables.
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