It has been a busy summer for the team working behind the scenes at the DIA Build!

“Wood” You Like to See an Update?

The class finished with the CUA students, and the high school students are now constructing shelving in the wood shop for the project.  As the photos show, the students are keeping busy as they await approvals from the DC Dept of Parks and Recreation. The finished structure design is currently being reviewed. Upon approval, the team will acquire a building permit.

Since the building schedule had to be moved back a bit, the team has adjusted accordingly. The bulk of the project will be built during the Fall semester. Taylor continues to work with the high school students on Phase 1 to relocate the existing shipping container, and install shelving within it.

In the Fall, a new set of students will come on board to construct Phase 2, which will include the rest of the project and the “Coolbot”.

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